The NAKED Frame Kitchen Cabinet

Our innovative manufacturing processes and material tolerances have resulted in us producing a unique and exciting new cabinet design… NAKED frame.

Using our high quality materials and our design software, we discovered a way to marry the aesthetics of the traditional in-frame design with the simplicity of the frameless cabinet.

NAKED frame kitchen cabinet

The NAKED frame design was born from the precise engineering that is found in every single component created with our production process. Minimising waste material and optimising cabinet design means we have created a unique cabinet style that, incredibly, costs roughly twenty-five percent less than the in-frame equivalent.

NAKED frame drawer cabinet with shelves

With an in-frame design, the face-frame ensures the cabinet retains its shape, whilst also being an essential characteristic of the design. Beautiful as it is, the construction process isn’t as straight-forward as frameless. With the strength of our Scandinavian ply so high, we are able treat it as if it were a solid Oak and completely forego the face frame, whilst retaining that classic look.

NAKED frame kitchen drawers

Instead of a solid hardwood face-frame found in an in-frame cabinet, we line the front of a NAKED frame cabinet with a solid Oak, Walnut, Maple or Melamine strip to create a face-frame that is almost indistinguishable to one crafted from solid hardwood.

NAKED frame cabinet shelves

To complete the look, the doors and drawers, which are beautifuly dovetailed, are mounted within the cabinet edges and built from our sought after solid hardwoods. We also add details such as butt hinges for an understated and elegant design.

NAKED frame hinges

Much like our other cabinet designs, the NAKED frame cabinet is a truly bespoke offering; from time-honoured Oak, luxurious Walnut or a characterful Birch, our NAKED frame can add an enticing array of tight grains with light golden to deep chocolatey browns. We also offer our NAKED frame with a translucent melamine faced coloured ply for a fantastically colourful kitchen.

naked frame kitchen

Find out more about NAKED frame or why not get an idea of the cost of your very own bespoke NAKED frame kitchen with our price estimator.