New Machinery! – The Workshop This Week

At NAKED, delivering the ultimate kitchen is what we do. By steadily evolving our manufacturing processes, we have advanced our design, construction and material expertise to offer the most precisely engineered kitchen available.

Since moving to our 45,000 sq/ft hangar, we now have more than enough space to place state-of-the-art equipment within our workshop, the latest additions are two fantastic CNC machines containing the very latest CAD / CAM software.

new cnc at work
Buyers Guides

Measuring Your Kitchen

Tools: Tape Measure, Grid Paper (download here), Pencil, Ruler, Rubber

One of the key elements to building a kitchen that perfectly utilises the space you have available is an accurate measuring procedure. Following our guide will ensure we build the kitchen you desire.

measuring tape and pencil

Before planning anything, we need to know the exact dimensions of your kitchen. Don’t worry if your sketch isn’t completely accurate or neat, it will at least be topographically precise which is more important. With this in mind, we recommend following the traditional joiners practice of measuring twice, so we only have to cut once!


Designing your small but beautiful bespoke kitchen

At Naked Kitchens, small kitchens are just as important to us as any size kitchen.  Working with limited space challenges us to be creative with the way we design your kitchen. We love clever to maximise kitchen workspace in a neat, uncluttered and beautiful package.


There are huge advantages to small kitchens, and not just that it is quicker to clean up! With everything within reach, we can design a kitchen that is moulded around the cook’s needs and desires. We can create distinctive areas around your kitchen for prepping, cooking, and storing – the result is one organic design that meets all needs.

Buyers Guides

Planning For Your Kitchen

Kitchen Planning

Although it is said that spring is the time for a new kitchen, we know that anytime during the year is perfect for planning one. With the handy hints in this guide, you’ll discover how to transform your kitchen into a beautiful and functional hub of your home.

Always keep one thing in mind when designing your very own bespoke kitchen; why restrict myself?