Why Our Ply?

The birch plywood used to create our kitchen cabinets comes from the heart of the Scandinavian forests, the European birch species that grows there produces a light coloured, fine textured and dense timber; the perfect properties for our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

Birch plywood has always been used widely in the construction, furniture, packaging and even automotive industries due to its excellent strength and durability. Although most birch plywood have these brilliant physical properties, there are certain plywood’s which are superior…

oak veneered birch ply cabinet walls

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Our Bespoke Kitchen Cabinet Samples

Our cabinet samples are a marvellous way to see the level of craftsmanship, the innovative design, and the quality of materials used to create our bespoke kitchens in the comfort of your own home. Although you can order a small selection of kitchen components from our website, the reality is that we can provide any component that you would like to sample.

As much as our component samples provide you with a small insight into what a NAKED kitchen feels like, we wanted you to get a real sense of what one of our cabinets is like to assemble. Thinking outside the box, we decided there was a better and more involving approach to discover our quality design and materials than offering only a standard door sample.

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