NAKED Frame – A Sneak Peek At A Customer’s Kitchen

At NAKED Kitchens, we strive to redefine what bespoke is, ensuring that no matter the layout, style or budget, the amount of choice we offer will surprise and delight.

Many kitchens are designed as either an inframe or as a frameless (euro-style), both designs having their own unique benefits. We felt it was time to provide a cabinet that fuses the best of both cabinet designs, the result was NAKED Frame; a cabinet born from innovative design, state-of-the-art quality materials but a desire to keep the understated elegance of traditional kitchen cupboards.

Below are a couple of images sent in by a NAKED Frame customer. They ordered the cabinets to be hand-finished and painted in our workshop for an impeccable finish but also to reduce installation times.

naked frame bespoke kitchen

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