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Distinct Kitchen Styles

Due to our recent blog on the lovely photos we received from our customers, a few more have sent in photos of their new kitchens.

Here are a couple of images of two very distinct bespoke kitchens we recently received from customers that really show the sheer diversity of kitchens we design.

The Muswell Hill Kitchen

This stylish NAKED Frame kitchen has the shaker cabinets painted in a gorgeous dark shade which provides a contrasting edge against the white walls.

shaker rustic kitchen

NAKED Frame – From The Customers’ Perspective

Our day is always made brighter when customers send in photos of their new NAKED kitchen. It is lovely to see the difference our kitchens make, and that they’re being put to good use!

We love the beautifully taken shots when we photograph our bespoke kitchens, but it is refreshing to see images that simply shows the quality of our design and materials.

Here is a selection of images we have recently received to show you what our kitchens look like from our happy customers’ perspective.

naked frame oak worktop