The Ladbroke Kitchen

At Naked Kitchens we are proud of the beautiful resources and natural materials that make our stunning bespoke kitchens and furnishings.

We could not be more delighted to introduce our latest kitchen to our showroom! Located in West Raynham, our new gorgeous showroom kitchen was completed at the beginning of July and has been our pride and joy ever since.


Our new showroom kitchen is called the Ladbroke Kitchen, beautifully bedecked in brass, walnut, and a dark rich green colour.

Our beautiful White Washed Oak is brought to life, creating the perfect feature piece flooring. Its wonderful stone washed aesthetic with pale pink hues gives a suitable burst of colour to brighten any room whilst creating an edgy-urban style, adding a modern twist, the perfect flooring for bolder cabinets and walls.
This gorgeous solid timber flooring brings all the warmth of a pleasing sound when walking over the planks and brings life to any kitchen with a satisfying ring underfoot.

Bringing in a contrasting darker hue we also have displayed our magnificent walnut wall panelling. This striking hardwood has a wavy grainline, its texture enhanced by it colour, a rich chocolate brown with a purple cast. Walnut’s naturally distinctive grain patterns and rich texture gives the kitchen an earthy, majestic and homely characteristic that promotes the feeling of warmth.

Walnut also adds a touch of elegance and practicality with our walnut breakfast bar. This beautifully finished breakfast bar adds depth to the room with a sturdy, useful structure that’s easy to maintain and is very attractive. With its minimalist supports, it has the appearance of a floating surface allowing users to fully appreciate and admire the kitchens décor.


As a crowning glory to the charms of natural wood, our designers also incorporated brass taps and our new handless design, with a bronze splash backs naturally tarnished that reflects natural light back into the room. To top it all off there are honed Carrara marble worktops to bring the dream kitchen into full brilliance.

So why not get in touch today to start planning your dream kitchen? Alternatively make an appointment to visit our showroom and see this inspirational kitchen for yourself.

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