The Best Kitchen Paint? Watching Paint Dry Goes Nuclear

How can you get a really durable finish on your kitchen cabinetry. Naked Kitchens has the answers.

Do you throw your pasta against the wall to see if it’s done? Getting beautiful kitchen paintwork that can withstand everything life chucks at it – from chef-propelled linguine to a high velocity football boot – has always been one of the great challenges for kitchen manufacturers like us.

That’s why we’re so proud of the robotic sprayline installed here in the Norfolk workshop last summer. Reflecting our fusion of precision engineering and beautiful hand-finishing, it’s an industry-leading innovation that raises paintwork to a stratospheric new level.

naked kitchens sprayline
This is kitchen painting as both art with a capital A and as the appliance of science. Here at Naked Kitchens, we’re harnessing the same technology used to spray luxury cars – and the same secret-recipe paint used by Britain’s nuclear subs to keep out the sea. Truly hi-tech dec.

Traditional paints just don’t cut it. For most of us, the 21st kitchen is the busiest room of the house. Cabinet surfaces must be resilient enough to weather daily use, year in year out, while looking as sharp and sheened as they did when they were built. That’s why we use highly-specialised two-part coating in four luxurious layers for the most complete finish.

So how is it done? Size isn’t everything but it really does count when you’re trying to create a smooth ski-run finish that dries with no trapped specks or bubbling. And at over 60 metres, our sprayline delivers that single flowing process required.

As our hand-finished cabinet doors and panels are conveyed through the machine, four robotic sprayheads deliver precise amounts of paint in the perfect spray pattern.
Then the now gloriously coloured wooden pieces travel through a series of jetted-air drying tunnels and infra-red catalyzers that transform wet pigment into a deep and durable coat. They are finally zapped by ultraviolet radiation so powerful that it would burn three layers of skin off your hand in less than 30 seconds.

Awesome. Who says watching paint dry is boring? And with all that firepower, the finish is unbelievable – putting many of the more traditional methods firmly out of date. After all, who wants paint-stuck dust or bristles from moulting brushes marring their cabinets?

At Naked Kitchens, we’ve made no secret that we’re on a mission to lead our own industry into a future where kitchens are crafted with ever more style and beauty and ever crisper precision. The sprayline is part of our continuing engagement in go-ahead technologies that widen the gap between us and kitchen companies who can’t match the sheer quality of the products we’re so proud to manufacture.

Ultimately, the fabulousness of a 21st century kitchen comes down to how the finished cabinetry looks, feels, performs, and how it lasts. Our paint is deeply layered and withstands all kinds of tests to scratch it or chip here at Naked Kitchens. Trust us, its hard. After all, on the nuclear subs, the stuff is probably actually bombproof. What’s more, we can spray in any colour, either from just the name, or from a colour-match sample, and we can offer the whole range of sheen options from total matt to full gloss.

Put simply, we don’t cut corners on painting our cabinets so you don’t chip them..