Storage Saviours

Here at Naked Kitchens, one thing that is really important to us, is to try and balance functionality with style. Whilst a beautiful minimalist kitchen with uncluttered worktops is a dream for many people, the reality is that you actually need lots of extra storage for every day items and you need to be able to access them quickly.

As we are 100% bespoke, we can create any storage solution for your kitchen. Whether it be larders with extra drawers, pull out shelves in cupboards, wine racks, bespoke oak storage units or islands with sleek extra storage on each side. These all help to keep kitchen items hidden, meaning style isn’t compromised, but ensures your kitchen remains as practical as possible. Traditional kitchens that have contemporary, clever storage solutions create a mix of modern and classic in the most practical way.

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Finding The Magic In Small Spaces

Working with compact spaces is something we’re experts at here at Naked Kitchens. Whilst a spacious, open plan large kitchen is an amazing space to work with and we can create absolutely stunning kitchens, sometimes the real magic lies in creating a kitchen to work in the smallest of spaces. With concealed drawers and hidden storage in every nook and cranny, we can create a design that has function at its heart, but is also a truly beautiful kitchen.

One of the main ways in which you can make the most of a small space is with storage: think pull out shelving, a wine rack in that few centimetre gap that would otherwise be wasted, islands with cabinet space on both sides, integrated appliances and many more options. Choose drawers with bespoke cutlery holders or custom peg boards to easily store your crockery and cooking utensils to save space in cupboards and keep surface areas clutter free.

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Parliamentary Review 2017

A highlight of 2017 that we haven’t yet shared with everyone is that Naked Kitchens has been invited to contribute to the 2017 Parliamentary Review for the Manufacturing Industry.

Sister company to Norfolk Oak, experts in solid hardwoods, Naked Kitchens are a leading manufacturer of fully bespoke kitchens. Until Naked Kitchens, the concept of an excellent bespoke product which more than challenged the very top end, but at a sensible price, was seen as unattainable. With the incredible reputation of Norfolk Oak behind it, the development of Naked Kitchens was the chance for a completely clean and fresh start, to really inject the industry with some new innovative thinking. We have a deep respect for the wood we use, a commitment to sustainable forestry and the crafting of long-lasting products with minimal waste.

land rover dropped on bespoke cabinets

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Accessorising Your Kitchen

One of the easiest ways to finish off your kitchen is with accessories; certain items that are exclusive to your kitchen. Here at Naked Kitchens, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to help you create a kitchen that is extra-special.

One way of making your kitchen extra-special is to add an interesting splash back. Whilst many choose traditional tiles or wooden panelling that looks beautiful in a traditional country kitchen, we decided to add something exceptional that really makes your kitchen standout- the aged brass splash back. As seen in our contemporary Ladbroke Kitchen, the splash back has become a very popular item with our customers. With each piece being aged by hand, it means they are entirely unique every time.

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The Inspiration Behind The Cley Kitchen

Here at Naked Kitchens, the inspiration for our kitchen designs is not always from beautiful imagery we see online or in glossy magazine articles, but is often found in the most natural of places. The inspiration for our elegant Cley Kitchen was found right at the heart of one of natures finest creations; Cley Next The Sea beach on the beautiful North Norfolk coast.

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The Highbury Kitchen

Here at Naked Kitchens, we regularly work with designers. Often their clients are looking for something completely unique that fits in with their lifestyle, and that’s why we are their first choice. We can create designs that are 100% bespoke and we offer the highest quality too.

Recently we undertook a project with Kia Designs. Their clients were looking for a kitchen that was stylish yet functional, and that would fit in with their bustling family lifestyle in North London. So that’s what was created. Inspired by our Portobello Kitchen, the Highbury Kitchen was designed to be spacious and relaxing, perfect for family dinners or hosting guests.

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