The Inspiration Behind The Cley Kitchen

Here at Naked Kitchens, the inspiration for our kitchen designs is not always from beautiful imagery we see online or in glossy magazine articles, but is often found in the most natural of places. The inspiration for our elegant Cley Kitchen was found right at the heart of one of natures finest creations; Cley Next The Sea beach on the beautiful North Norfolk coast.

Creating something bespoke and unique is at the heart of Naked Kitchens, and it only seems right that inspiration be found in the place where every single pebble and shell is completely different. A place where you can return over and over again and still see something new that you hadn’t noticed last time. The beautiful stormy sky is the perfect backdrop to exhibit the interesting sculpture made on the beach, and the Cley Kitchen really pays homage to this, with the soft mellow greys allowing the bold Hague Blue cabinets to push through and demand attention.

The beach can be a place of peacefulness and serenity for many people, and that was very much the idea behind the Cley Kitchen. Large windows allow light in at every opportunity making the kitchen feel open and spacious and create a relaxing area that is perfect for hosting, with an integrated drinks fridge in the island for easy access for you and your guests!

Even in the grey stormy weather, Cley beach still looks beautiful and elegant, much like Naked Kitchens, as our products will weather any household storm yet still look just as timeless as when first manufactured.

The beach is a place that is full of natural beauty, with the moody blue of the sea and the multicoloured pebbles and shells, its no wonder it was full of inspiration for our kitchens.

Busy in the summer with family walks in the sunshine, yet just as beautiful in the winter bundled up in coats and scarves in the bristling winds, Cley Beach is the perfect venue whatever the scenario. And our Cley Kitchen is no different. The cool colour palette looks perfectly cosy and inviting in the winter, and also works beautifully in the summer, with the windows saturating the kitchen in sunlight, bouncing off the bold blue cabinets making the kitchen look even more spacious and open than ever before.


In-keeping with the historic feel of Cley Next The Sea, with its traditional buildings and a quaint village vibe, our Cley Kitchen is the epitome of a classic country kitchen. It has a natural ambience that is perfect for family life.

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