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Here at Naked Kitchens, we’re finally getting used to the fact that summer has ended, and Autumn has well and truly settled in. Gone are the sunny days (what few there were in Britain anyway) and the rain has truly started to pour, bringing with it some very chilly mornings and evenings, and we’re just about ready to start that winter hibernation.

So in true Autumnal style we’ve cracked out the jumpers, begrudgingly flicked the heating on a couple of times and thought about our favourite kitchen designs that perfectly transition your home into the new season.

With consumers turning to colour more and more and no longer sticking to a comfortable neutral as their kitchen colour of choice, one trend that we have seen stand out in kitchen design is the use of earthy colours and materials. Consumers are embracing colour so much more now, and are looking to inject colour into their homes, but choosing a more natural way to do it, with greens, reds, oranges etc, all colours from the warmer palette that are perfect to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in the cooler Autumn months.

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The Modern Shaker

If there is one thing we have realised over the many years that we have been creating bespoke kitchens, it’s that nearly everyone wants a ‘modern shaker’ kitchen. A contradiction in itself, as the shaker is a very traditional kitchen design that has been in history since the 18th century, and is not actually a new, modern kitchen style. However, we understand what customers mean when they say this, as they generally want a timeless kitchen design that isn’t old fashioned or super modern but will continue to look elegant in years to come. And that is a design that we love to create, time and time again.

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Battle Of The Blues

As you may already know, colour has made quite a dramatic comeback to the kitchen. Gone are the days of an all white kitchen, and whilst neutral greys are still popular in the classic country kitchen styles, there is one colour that has definitely caught our eye recently and a lot of our clients too- the beautiful blue.
Gone are the days when people can spend an obscene amount on a kitchen, and with houses generally decreasing in size alongside budgets, people are generally investing in smaller kitchens. Those who are looking to invest in a new kitchen are often turning to the calming colour blue, and are choosing Naked Kitchens to create the kitchen for them, as they can get a high end quality kitchen without the high end price tag.

Contemporary Compact Kitchens
Pale pastel blues can look incredible in a smaller space, bouncing light from windows to create the illusion of much more space and keeping the room light and fresh. By choosing such a bright and unusual kitchen colour, the eyes are instantly drawn to the area, and with minimal accessories throughout, there is no distraction from this incredible space.

Design: 2LG
Photography: Megan Taylor