Here at Naked Kitchens, we’re finally getting used to the fact that summer has ended, and Autumn has well and truly settled in. Gone are the sunny days (what few there were in Britain anyway) and the rain has truly started to pour, bringing with it some very chilly mornings and evenings, and we’re just about ready to start that winter hibernation.

So in true Autumnal style we’ve cracked out the jumpers, begrudgingly flicked the heating on a couple of times and thought about our favourite kitchen designs that perfectly transition your home into the new season.

With consumers turning to colour more and more and no longer sticking to a comfortable neutral as their kitchen colour of choice, one trend that we have seen stand out in kitchen design is the use of earthy colours and materials. Consumers are embracing colour so much more now, and are looking to inject colour into their homes, but choosing a more natural way to do it, with greens, reds, oranges etc, all colours from the warmer palette that are perfect to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in the cooler Autumn months.

Our Ladbroke kitchen is one that is the epitome of earthy tones, using green in the kitchen in the most beautiful earthy, warm way. Contrasting the deep Invisible Green with incredible Walnut timber creates a sophisticated space that is worthy of spending all of your spare time in. Injections of bright bronze accessories and an Aged Brass Splash Back bounces sunlight through the kitchen, making the most of that sparse Autumn sunlight and immediately filling up the kitchen with light when the sun does shine. Painting cabinets and walls the same colour creates a cosy atmosphere allowing your mind to relax and not have to focus on lots of different elements, engulfing you in the warming green as soon as you enter the room. It is a dramatic statement, and if done with the wrong colours can be far too strong and grab your attention in the wrong way, but with the beautiful earthy green colour it works beautifully.

Using natural materials such as beautiful timber is another way of injecting earthy tones into your kitchen. The use of incredible materials such as oak and walnut create the most warm, welcoming kitchen that is a brilliant alternative to a painted kitchen. Painted kitchens are never going to go out of fashion, but it is always a good idea to choose a colour that you know you’re going to still love in years to come. Timber is the most timeless material and will always make a kitchen look elegant and will continue to impress any visitors in years to come, as the timber will still look just as good quality as when it was first installed. Timber ages beautifully within a kitchen and will continue to add character to a room.

And finally, it only seems right that we put in the image that still provides us inspiration to this day. The leaves in New England USA in the Autumn is an image that reminds us how simply incredible nature can be. New England is where we actually source our timber from, and when we visit this region to inspect the quality of the material, we fall in love with it again every single time. Knowing that this is how beautiful the material we use is before we even create our bespoke kitchens, supports our reasoning for using these incredible timbers as our main material. The incredible colours of the New England Forestry is something that anyone can take inspiration from, whether its with the intention of injecting these colours into your kitchen, or simply just admiring the beauty.

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