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When looking at purchasing a kitchen, sometimes the amount of choice on offer can be a little overwhelming. If you’ve never looked into kitchens before, it can be very difficult to distinguish between the different styles. At Naked Kitchens we offer three main styles of kitchen designs that can then be categorised even further through certain features that make each kitchen completely unique. This post is designed to help you understand the differences between the kitchen styles that we offer, to try and give you a strong base for the beginning of your kitchen journey.

The signature shaker style is simplicity at its best. There is a long history behind this kitchen style, and traditional features definitely rule the design. Simple door styles with minimal features, and a lack of ornamentation make this design so popular today, creating a kitchen that is fuss-free and perfect for every-day life. One distinction of a Shaker kitchen is that they are also in-frame designs. This design is where the door or drawer front sits within the frame of the cabinet as opposed to covering the front of the carcass. At the heart of this design is fine craftsmanship and functionality, an ethos that has always been at the core of Naked Kitchens. A shaker kitchen is one that fits perfectly into any type of home, as it can look beautifully classic in a large country house, but due to its versatile simplicity, can also look wonderfully modern in a newly built property. Wherever it’s placed, a shaker kitchen will continue to forever look timeless.

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Coming Soon: Inspiration Point

So here at Naked Kitchens we decided we wanted to start something new on our blog. As we create bespoke kitchens for our customers, we continually see different styling and colour combinations for a kitchen, and alongside keeping up with interior trends we constantly fall in love with new ideas. New unique colour combinations bring a whole new variety of colours into our palette that we hadn’t even considered putting in a kitchen before!

Constant updates of lighting options, beautiful handles and other kitchen necessities like taps and sinks give us so many more options to help you truly create the most beautiful kitchen. With the addition of incredible splashbacks, such as the foxed glass in our Norfolk Vicarage Kitchen, or the stunning antiqued brass splashback in our Ladbroke Kitchen really allows us to help you create the most unique kitchens, that are completely unlike anything else on the market.


Inspiration Kitchens

Autumnal Living

Autumn is a time of year that involves many changes; the weather, the mood, the lighting all completely differ as soon as it hits the later months of the year and this involves a completely different perspective on the home and how you want it to look and feel.

As the days are now shorter and the evenings are getting colder, it often means savouring as much of your time outside as possible. It may be risky to travel long distances as the weather is unpredictable and your day outside may be rained off, but the stubborn summer lover within us will still relish in any warm weather and sunshine for as long as possible.

But when it just gets too chilly and dark in the evenings to be outside and you have to throw in the towel, that’s when you realise how important a cosy, comfortable environment is; that you can just come home and relax in. There are many things that you can do to make your home as relaxing as possible, and as your kitchen is the hub of your home, it is vital that this room is as inviting as it can possibly be.