Coming Soon: Inspiration Point

So here at Naked Kitchens we decided we wanted to start something new on our blog. As we create bespoke kitchens for our customers, we continually see different styling and colour combinations for a kitchen, and alongside keeping up with interior trends we constantly fall in love with new ideas. New unique colour combinations bring a whole new variety of colours into our palette that we hadn’t even considered putting in a kitchen before!

Constant updates of lighting options, beautiful handles and other kitchen necessities like taps and sinks give us so many more options to help you truly create the most beautiful kitchen. With the addition of incredible splashbacks, such as the foxed glass in our Norfolk Vicarage Kitchen, or the stunning antiqued brass splashback in our Ladbroke Kitchen really allows us to help you create the most unique kitchens, that are completely unlike anything else on the market.


We always try to recommend kitchen designs that fit with our customers lifestyle, as we want our kitchens to fit naturally within a home and truly be a part of your life. However we can only advise as to what we think may fit with you, and often it is the client that actually proposes some of the most beautiful ideas.

And we thought it was an excellent idea to share these ideas with you. Whether it be the latest beautiful faucet we’ve seen used in a clients kitchen, or an incredible colour combination such as a teal blue Ladbroke style kitchen with silver inlay, which is one of our more recent kitchens to go through the workshop, or one of our beautiful neutral shaker kitchens that are always coveted by many, due to their effortlessly timeless appeal.


Photography- Anna Stathaki, Design- Kia Designs

Whether it’s just inspiration for updating your existing kitchen, or that kick start you need to begin the process of getting your dream kitchen; by seeing the different styles, colours, features and elements that you can have within your kitchen is likely to inspire you and give you fresh new ideas for what you would like in your kitchen, potentially even changing what you originally thought you wanted! This is the most important room in the house, and it has to feel completely right, as it is likely you will spend more time in this room than anywhere else in your home!

In our showroom we have a colour board on display, to show some of our most used and some of our favourite colours to use within the kitchen. It demonstrates the incredible finish that our spray-line paint machine provides, and gives you just a little glimpse into the possibilities of colour choices that we offer.


Our showroom is ever-expanding and we are constantly brainstorming new ideas to increase our kitchen portfolio.

Please check back in soon to see the new blog series and to get some inspiration for your home!

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