HSBC: Strategies For Growth Event

2017 has certainly been the year for Naked Kitchens gaining awareness within the manufacturing industry, as not only have we been invited to contribute to this years Parliamentary Review for the Manufacturing Industry, but Naked Kitchens were also invited to speak about building and growing a successful business at the HSBC Strategies For Growth event!

Kitchens Photoshoots

Inspiration Point: Beautiful Brass

So we’re kicking off our latest series on this blog post with a post all about using brass in your kitchen in the most sophisticated and beautiful way. With a series of ‘mood board’ images, you can see how we would incorporate brass into a kitchen design, and what other colours and timbers we would use to really maximise the statement this metal makes and create a beautiful kitchen. This particular combination was created by the creative director at Naked Kitchens, and is actually part of the inspiration behind one of our new showroom kitchens coming soon!

Inspiration Kitchens

The Parliamentary Review- Annual Gala

A slightly different blog post from us today, that for once isn’t really about our kitchens! You may remember a few months ago, we spoke about how Naked Kitchens were invited to participate in the Parliamentary Review for the Manufacturing Industry. To celebrate the publishing of this, the directors of Naked Kitchens were invited to the Annual Gala at the Houses of Parliament! 

Inspiration Kitchens Photoshoots

Your Own Private Island

Something that most of our clients try to incorporate into their kitchen design, is an island. Whether it be a contemporary kitchen where the island is the main dining area, or a large country kitchen with a bold island design that is perfect for gathering around and socialising with drinks and friends. An island is often an integral part of a kitchen design and can make your room really stand out from the crowd. We’ve got a few favourites that we’ve designed over the years and we’d love to share them with you!