The Boot Room

Here at Naked Kitchens we’ve been thinking about an elegant storage solution that’s not only a practical haven but oozes class and sophistication: The Boot Room. 

boot utility room

Has your kitchen worktop become Mess Central? Gardeners say weeds are just plants in the wrong place, and the same can be said of mess. Things are misplaced. Car keys buried in a litter of papers, unanswered post, some very loose change, an old Christmas card….. all left as if by fairies on a fly tipping spree.

Not very Feng Shui.

And in the hall, that all-too-familiar floordrobe and the lesser spotted behind-the-doordrobe. Hiking boots – with most of Planet Earth stuck to the soles – Wellies and brollies, a tangle of skipping ropes, bats, the dog’s lead, and a broken Nerf blaster.

Some would call it clutter, but it’s really just life. Or more accurately, just lifestyle. The truth is, most of us minimalist wannabes actually have too much stuff. And the more stuff we have, the less we want to display it. That’s a difficult circle to square, let alone to square away neatly.

 We all know space is finite, but there’s nothing more deceptively spacious than space itself.  Every inch counts, but in the right hands, it can be made to work better.

Enter Naked Kitchens. The team here in Norfolk took up the challenge of creating a clutter-buster that would adapt perfectly to any home, engineering space for everything we don’t want to live with – but can’t live without.

And we’ve done it.  From utter clutter to utmost Utility, we came up with a Boot Room that curves space beautifully and big time. Every which way, in luxurious solid oak and shaker.

utility cupboard

This Boot Room looks fantastic in any home and can house not just old clogs and pet bowls, coats, jackets, shoes, and wet weather gear, but also the fun stuff from road trips and holidays, like sports kit, sunglasses, goggles,- all those glorious lifestyle items that you really don’t just want to shove in the back of the garage.

So what is a Boot Room? Whether your home is a shiny city loft, an urban flat, somewhere sandy and salty on the coast, or a field-bound cottage in the back of beyond, it’s an airlock between our clean private home and the dirty great outdoors. It shields you from muck as well as taking back ‘utility’ roles from the hall, kitchen and the good old cupboard-under-the-stairs.

And at Naked Kitchens, it’s 100% bespoke. Our Boot Room is tailored to whatever size or function your home needs. And with clever design features, it has places for everything and space for everyone.   

Frankly, who settles for organised chaos when you can have organised tidiness? This mess-blasting, clutter-busting Boot Room is designed for living and built for life.

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