The Parliamentary Review- Annual Gala

A slightly different blog post from us today, that for once isn’t really about our kitchens! You may remember a few months ago, we spoke about how Naked Kitchens were invited to participate in the Parliamentary Review for the Manufacturing Industry. To celebrate the publishing of this, the directors of Naked Kitchens were invited to the Annual Gala at the Houses of Parliament! 

To have been chosen to participate in such a prestigious publication out of so many businesses in the UK really was such an honour, and was not something that we took lightly! We spent a long time thinking about what we would include in our feature in the publication, but then decided that actually we would talk about the things that matter most to us, and what we think could be improved to help businesses all over the country. This turned into a 2 page feature that we were incredibly proud of, to be sent to hundreds of businesses within the industry. To have then been invited to go to the Annual Gala to celebrate, was just not something that could be turned down!

The annual gala was an incredible event, that saw inspirational speakers such as David Blunkett, Eric Pickles and Sam Warburton give the most interesting speeches about very important topics that are on everyone’s radar at the moment. The night involved a dinner, speeches, and lots of socialising and networking with other businesses, which was so interesting to discover different perspectives.  
We were so happy to have been invited to this prestigious ceremony, and we therefore wanted to share with you some photos from the event. We loved having the chance to give our view on the industry and how we think certain things can be improved in the future to help businesses grow and stand a chance against the large high street retailers. As the smaller businesses are where the future of manufacturing and retail is, it is vital that things start to change to really look after these businesses and the future of the economy. 

With it being such a critical time in the UK at the moment, and lots of monumentous changes happening, this is a very important point in history, and we think that it is crucial that we continue to celebrate the best of British, and an industry that provides so much for the economy.

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