Inspiration Point: Beautiful Brass

So we’re kicking off our latest series on this blog post with a post all about using brass in your kitchen in the most sophisticated and beautiful way. With a series of ‘mood board’ images, you can see how we would incorporate brass into a kitchen design, and what other colours and timbers we would use to really maximise the statement this metal makes and create a beautiful kitchen. This particular combination was created by the creative director at Naked Kitchens, and is actually part of the inspiration behind one of our new showroom kitchens coming soon!

Since creating our Ladbroke kitchen, we just can’t get enough of using antiqued brass splashbacks, and with good reason. They are simply stunning! As the brass splashback is such a feature element of any kitchen, we always recommend to keep the rest of the kitchen natural and earthy by using natural timbers and rich paint colours, to ensure the room never looks over the top despite the bright feature.

The contrast of the dark, sophisticated Walnut means that the brass can take centre stage in this design without fighting for attention. The metallic detailing would also flow throughout the kitchen with the sleek brass handles, which beautifully compliment the splashback and ensures the focus is never far from this metal. Brass also pairs incredibly well with the beautifully blue green paint sample, as it stands out much more than traditional silver or nickel handles would.

The beautifully moody paint colour seen in these photos is Livid by Little Green, and whilst it makes a statement against the sophisticated Walnut and brass accessories, it’s still subtle enough that it doesn’t overwhelm your senses, and still allows the bright brass to be the main feature.

You can see the beauty of the timber that we use in our kitchens, and understandably why our kitchens are such high quality, as we use ply as opposed to cheap chipboard. The incredible Walnut gives a sense of sophistication, whilst keeping the colour palette rich and earthy, which is insanely on trend at the moment. The addition of the Carrara Marble helps to keep the room bright and open, which is especially important in a compact room with minimal natural light.

Despite being a beautiful bright contrast to the dark Walnut in this design, the use of Brass as opposed to brighter metals like Gold or Silver actually adds to the softer tones of this design. As the brass splashback has been through an ageing process, it creates beautiful markings which are entirely unique to each piece of brass. This reinforces the bespoke element of a Naked Kitchen, as no kitchen will ever look the same.

We simply love these handles, not only for their subtle Brass colouring, but also for the beautiful grip element, which shows how our Kitchens are not only built for form, but function too. Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see our beautiful kitchens, and we’ll be back on our blog with a new inspiration post soon!