HSBC: Strategies For Growth Event

2017 has certainly been the year for Naked Kitchens gaining awareness within the manufacturing industry, as not only have we been invited to contribute to this years Parliamentary Review for the Manufacturing Industry, but Naked Kitchens were also invited to speak about building and growing a successful business at the HSBC Strategies For Growth event!

As many of you may already know, Norfolk Oak is the parent company of Naked Kitchens, and is the inspiration behind our bespoke kitchen business. Norfolk Oak is a company that creates beautiful bespoke wooden worktops and custom furniture pieces, and are experts in woods and timber, knowing exactly how to get the best out of this beautiful material. Using timber from ethical, sustainable sources, there is no doubt that Norfolk Oak and Naked Kitchen’s products are miles in front of competitors in this industry.

Over time, Norfolk Oak have been recognised for the beautiful products they were creating, and it wasn’t long after building up this business that the requests came flooding in to create kitchens for people. After spending a small period of time developing the best way to create these kitchens for our clients, we developed Naked Kitchens, whom create bespoke kitchens at an incredibly fair and transparent price. Working on a manufacturing and supply basis only, both Norfolk Oak and Naked Kitchens provide an easy way to buy bespoke timber kitchens and products at lower prices considering the quality of the material used. One reason why Norfolk Oak and Naked Kitchens are able to do this, is because we don’t have lots of ostentatious showrooms on the high street, and we work one location in Norfolk where all elements of our business work together under one roof, meaning we don’t have lots of overheads that we need to cover with our prices!

But the success and development of our businesses did not stop there. As with many other independent businesses, over time they often realise there is a proportion of the market that they are not successfully capturing. Naked Kitchens understood this, and developed Naked Doors, who manufacture the bespoke doors and drawer fronts that are seen on a Naked Kitchen. This enabled us to capture the proportion of the market who want a bespoke kitchen, but do not have the budget to renovate the whole kitchen, as these customers can place our bespoke doors and fronts onto their existing kitchen cabinets. There are many other projects in the pipeline for our companies, as we never want to stand-still and stagnate and are constantly trying to disrupt the industry with innovative products. Between the three current companies, there is an option to ensure that every person in the market can achieve some sort of designer look kitchen, whatever their situation or budget.Displaying IMG_0645.JPG

So it is quite easy to see why Naked Kitchens was chosen. There is no doubt that as a company, we really have started at the beginning, and built up more than one successful company after discovering a niche gap within the market. A company built on impressive morals, they are certified and create as minimal waste for the environment as possible, not only have the directors created such a successful business, they have done it ethically too.

As one of only two speakers at this event it is clear how special Naked Kitchens story really is. The event was invite only, and any business that was invited was chosen because they are dedicated to growing their company and HSBC knew that the Naked Kitchens success story is one that would inspire other companies to follow the same route.

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