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Statement Splashbacks

One design element that we often recommend to our clients here at Naked Kitchens is to have a splashback in the kitchen. Splashbacks can be added as a feature in a beautiful kitchen, or as protection for walls from splashing pots and pans or taps, as they are often easily wipe able and easy to maintain. Some of our favourite kitchen designs we have ever created have splashbacks in them, and each looks completely unique in its own way, with the splashback adding an incredible eye catching feature.

One of our most memorable designs, and also one of our most liked on social media is the Ladbroke Kitchen and its bronze splashback. An item that we created by hand, one evening in the directors kitchen no less, the bronze splashback has certainly gained some attention since we released the photos of this kitchen design. Antiqued by hand, every splashback we make is completely unique and made to order. So far, we have only experimented with this metal, but we are looking to incorporate other metals into our designs in the future. The bronze splashback combines beautifully with the other bronze elements within this design, and reflects light around the room, making it seem much larger than it is.

The antiqued foxed glass splashback in the Norfolk Vicarage Kitchen is especially fabulous. Behind the large stately AGA, this splashback makes a stunning statement. Despite being located in the area of the kitchen that has the least natural light and has the tendency to feel quite dark and closed off, the splashback actually reflects light from the beautiful garden, making the room feel open, spacious and incredibly light. A material that is potentially not the most practical, behind such a large source of heat, the glass will be easy to wipe and clean surface stains. The antiqued nature of the glass fits in perfectly with the traditional shaker kitchen in this listed building.

This compact kitchen makes the most of its beautiful marble splashback. By having dark cabinetry and a very light coloured splashback and white wall cabinets, it keeps the eye-level of the kitchen bright and light, meaning it feels open and spacious, and never closed off, making the most of natural light. The Faraday Road kitchen is the perfect design for compact spaces. With minimal cabinetry, the marble splashback lends itself to making the statement for this kitchen design. Subtle and classic, this splashback isn’t ostentatious and doesn’t overpower such a small space. Matching the worktop, this splashback adds to the clean lines of the room and ensures everything remains sleek and sophisticated.

The contrast in this kitchen is what makes this splashback work so well. Already a striking kitchen that makes a bold statement, the addition of the mottled grey tiles as a splashback makes this kitchen like no other. The Westbourne Gardens kitchen design is so unique, and whilst the splashback contrasts so dramatically, it actually works incredibly well. If you were to have a plainer, more simple splashback it would simply be lost against such bold cabinetry and handles, whereas you cannot deny this splashback instantly catches your eye. Easily cleaned and an incredibly durable material, these tiles add to the wondrous atmosphere of the room.

Photography- Megan Taylor, Design- NimTim Architects.

Finally, one of our more slightly more subtle designs but still incredibly stunning, is our Brancaster Marshes kitchen. The use of the antiqued glass as a splashback adds a beautiful element to this kitchen design, and ensures that light bounces around the room, making it feel bright and open. Having such a reflective splashback combined with floating shelves ensures that the room doesn’t feel like a sea of cabinetry. It keeps the eye-level of the room as light as possible, and also provides an interesting view for those sitting at the island. Glass is easy to clean but the antiqued nature of this particular piece means that you don’t have to worry about keeping it impossibly clean and smear-free.

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