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Colour Series: Pantone Colour Of The Year 2018

We’re kicking off our latest series on the blog, which focuses on the use of colour, and with what is generally considered the biggest announcement in the colour world. This series will focus mainly on colour within the kitchen, but we will also look broadly at the latest trends in colour!

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So December has come around incredibly quickly, and once again Pantone’s colour of the year has been announced, and it seems that this year the announcement is more controversial than ever! The colour of 2018- Ultra Violet- is described as: ‘Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now.’

Definitely a controversial choice from Pantone, and whilst it lies in the same ‘bright, jewel-like tones’ as the 2017 colour of the year ‘Greenery’, this colour doesn’t make as much sense to a lot of interior specialists and bloggers. With Greenery being linked to nature, it was really quite easy to bring this into the household, whereas many are struggling to see where Pantone will fit into their homes.

A very bold colour that will definitely only work when used in a certain way, but it’s difficult to see this ever being used as the main colour of a room. With many describing this colour as incredibly similar to the purple used on Cadbury’s packaging, it’s possible that we may not see as much of this colour in 2018 interiors as we are used to with all of Pantone’s other colour choices.

This colour is bright and bold, and is also very different to the ‘rich, earthy’ colours that we have been loving recently. But whilst we and many others remain quite sceptical for the moment, we’re certainly not ruling out the potential that Ultra Violet has, and we’re sure that it will actually look incredibly beautiful when used in the right way!

At Naked Kitchens we’re particularly fond of using a bold colour in the kitchen. Our Highbury Kitchen uses the beautiful Dulux Storyteller to create a statement island in this colourful yet compact design. We particularly love the rich, jewel tones of the purple used and by using the colour on one element of the kitchen, this is a perfect way for people to inject Ultra Violet into their kitchens.

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