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Inspiration Point: Pops Of Purple

We’ve been busy here at Naked Kitchens getting to grips with the new trends and looks that are set to be popular in 2018. With the announcement of Dulux’s colour of 2018 Heartwood and Pantone releasing Ultra Violet as their chosen colour, it’s clear that purple will be involved within interiors this year. One of our creative kitchen designers created this mood board based around their favourite looks and much of the inspiration comes from what we’ve been designing with clients!

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The Surrey Malthouse

The Surrey Malthouse is a project that we actually completed back in 2015. This kitchen is one of our larger contemporary kitchens that has some incredibly beautiful and unique design elements. Painted in two different, but incredibly similar shades of dark blue; there is no doubt that this is a statement kitchen. Beautifully framed and softened by Oak accents this blue kitchen remains calm and serene, and the perfect space to spend time in as a family. By incorporating every element except the large stainless steel appliances into a blue colour scheme, it ensures that the senses are not overwhelmed.

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Birdie Fortescue And Naked Kitchens

We always love it when our beautiful kitchens get noticed by people. Whilst we try to share as many images as possible of our kitchens, we are sure that there will still be people who have not seen our kitchens! So when local interiors company Birdie Fortescue contacted us to see if they could use our show room as the backdrop for photos of their spring/summer collection, we didn’t hesitate to say yes, as this is a brilliant way to show off our incredible kitchens through a new channel!


The Redhill Kitchen

The Redhill Kitchen is a refreshingly unique take on a contemporary kitchen. With no inhibitions in this design, there is no doubt that this kitchen really allowed us to open our minds and embrace new design features. An unrestricted colour palette creates an electric atmosphere in this compact kitchen, and re-invents the family kitchen, ensuring all space is utilised in this compact room.

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What Is A Bespoke Kitchen?

What is a Bespoke Kitchen?
Re-designing a space can be difficult enough without having the added worry of cost, function, and depreciation. But unlike picking the wrong colour sofa cushions or curtains that clash with the wallpaper, a kitchen is a little harder to change once you’ve committed!
Purchasing a new kitchen for your home is a very big decision, and nobody wants to be left with a kitchen they don’t truly love every part of. At Naked Kitchens this won’t happen, as we will always go the extra step to ensure you love every single detail of your design before the material has even been cut!
A bespoke kitchen is one that is entirely unique to each and every client. There is no standard sizing, and whilst we have kitchen designs that can be followed for inspiration, we can create completely unique designs for every customer. We use the finest natural resources to produce beautiful, sturdy and timeless kitchen cabinetry. With the choice of any fascia colour or exposed natural timber to complement all tastes, we guarantee pure kitchen love.

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A Round Up of 2017 Kitchen Trends

2017 has definitely been the year for changing trends in kitchens. We’ve seen some incredibly beautiful trends throughout the year, but also a few that we’re happy to see never return!

Whilst we like to see all of the different interior trends throughout the year, we never create kitchens just to go along with those trends. We like to create kitchens that will stand the test of time and would never be considered a fad, so despite some of our kitchens being incredibly modern, they will never be out of fashion as they have so many timeless features within their designs. We have incorporated some trends into the designs we have created this year as we know they will last, but there are a few that we knew would be very short-lived. This post is simply a round up of our favourite trends from the past year, and we hope you enjoy re-living it with us!