2018 Kitchen Trends

With our round up of 2017 post, we let you know all of the trends we were loving for the kitchen in 2017, and so we thought it was only right that we share our prediction of kitchen trends for 2018. With January now over, there have been some clear paths set, making it much easier to see which trends are emerging, and which ones look set to stay!

The use of metal in the kitchen is something that we saw more and more of towards the end of 2017, but 2018 is set to see metals used in much more of a statement way. With beautiful darker colours being used in kitchens, brighter metals are being used alongside to provide beautiful accents throughout the room. Traditional metals such as gold and silver will always have a place in kitchen designs, but bolder metals like brass and copper are really pushing their way through. Copper in particular- a metal generally only seen in the kitchen in the form of saucepans- is being used to create incredible accessories, such as faucets and sinks, with a beautiful patina forming over time.

The use of metal splashbacks is something we’re also looking forward to seeing more of within kitchen designs. Instantly catching the eye when you enter the room, the splashback is a beautiful feature. We particularly love when different finishes are applied to the metal, as beautiful individual markings are left on the feature.

Statement Flooring is a feature that we’re sure we’re going to see everywhere in 2018. Flooring is something that has always been on our radar when designing a kitchen, as obviously it can completely change the way a kitchen looks in an instant. We can’t deny that we have always loved seeing a beautiful wooden floor in a kitchen, in particular using limed oak floor to add a beautiful, subtle modern feel to a room.
The Redhill Kitchen design we completed last year, contains an incredible statement floor that was actually a reclaimed gym floor, creating an eye catching feature from an element of a room that usually goes relatively unnoticed. We’re looking forward to seeing more unique flooring choices, including brighter and much darker floors.

Photography- NK Living

We will always love a white kitchen. They’re incredibly fresh, and make a room feel light and open, and will be a colour that many people will continue to choose for years to come. However, there is a new colour trend on the horizon, with many people’s attention turning to the much darker colours of the spectrum, such as Forest Green, Navy and Black.
These types of colours are captivating and make a room incredibly rich and intense. These are not necessarily colours that will work in everyone’s space, but so far all of the kitchens that we’ve seen take this risk, it has definitely paid off for them! We’re also seeing a lot more walls and cabinetry painted in the same colour, which is a very intense and brave choice but gives a beautiful, rich warmth to the room.
We also think that including bright metal accessories within the design of these dark rooms looks incredible, really bouncing and brightening the room against such a dark backdrop. Using a brighter worktop material such as a metal or timber will create a break between the walls and the cabinetry, ensuring the room doesn’t feel closed off and that there is still an element of brightness to the room.

Personalisation of your room will be a big feature in 2018. With many people opting for open shelving and open cabinets, this is a really easy way to add a personal touch to the room by displaying all of  your favourite items.
One design we have seen that really allowed this was the beautiful oak dressing room we created for the Hertfordshire Manor House recently. A statement making room, that is completely open, with only the set back drawers for hidden storage, meaning all of the clients belongings were on show, really allowing their personality to shine through!

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