The Brancaster Marshes

The Brancaster Marshes Kitchen is one kitchen design that we have kept under wraps for a while now. Immediately after we released the design on our website, it was locked down for magazine features for many months in advance, and unfortunately have not been able to share it on our social media or blogs. But finally, we can share with you in detail one of our favourite ever kitchen designs, and we think you will love it just as much as we do!

There is no doubt that the Brancaster Marshes kitchen is one of our most beautiful kitchen designs to date. The kitchen is a contemporary design that has beautiful traditional elements to make it incredibly timeless. The use of stunning natural materials makes it feel very relaxed and easy to live in. The exposed Oak is softened by liming and the glazed cupboards and glass splash-back all add to the coastal vibe of the kitchen, with light being reflected around the room at every opportunity to remind you of how open and large the room is. With Charleston Gray cabinets adding a beautiful warmth, this kitchen invites you in and immediately engulfs you in this relaxing room.

As the room feeds onto the large seating area, the open plan room had to flow throughout and was stunning to look at whichever direction you enter the room. This is accentuated by the solid oak worktop, which beautifully wraps around and flows over the island, and helps to ensure the design flows throughout the room. The worktops are perfectly mitred to accentuate the simple beauty of the timber, adding a defining touch to the craftsmanship that clearly resonates throughout the whole kitchen. By framing the island with three large white pendant lights, it helps to fill the large vaulted ceiling, helping to ensure the room doesn’t feel as though it is all on one level only with no height or depth.

The property this kitchen was created for is located in a coastal village in Norfolk. A beautifully modern home that fits perfectly with its rural Norfolk surroundings, and this kitchen perfectly encapsulates this. Mixing sleek integrated appliances and furnishings with traditionally classic timber and neutral painted cabinets, there is no doubt that this kitchen is perfectly balanced and incredibly beautiful!

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