The Ideal Home Show Kitchens- A Sneak Peek!

If any of our readers have seen our social media pages, it’s likely that you’ll have seen that we have been asked to create two different kitchens for the show homes at the Ideal Home Show. An incredibly exciting project that has been an absolute whirlwind, as we’ve created two bespoke kitchens for the event in just a number of weeks!

These kitchens are created in the latest innovative range from our company- 80/20 Kitchens by Naked Kitchens. We wanted to share with you the progress of the kitchens and have gathered any photos we have into a short blog post, before the event starts on the 17th March.
As you can see the images are obviously not from a glossy magazine shoot like we would usually use, but these were taken from the fitting of the kitchens this week, and we just couldn’t wait to share them!

Using bright and bold colours is something that Sophie is renowned for, and the Transformation House is full of life and certainly shows you how to create a home to really show off your personality. Using Hellebore and Marine Blue by Little Greene, Sophie has designed a kitchen using on-trend colours that contrast beautifully and really make the kitchen pop and feel alive with colour!

The pink media unit is such an unexpected piece in a kitchen, but that is what makes it so incredibly refreshing, and to see this colour used not just in a small way! We particularly love the use of the bright colours on the Ladbroke style doors, as the sleek handle-less detail makes the bold colour stand out even further.

The other kitchen that we have created for the show is just incredible. The photos are once again not of the usual setting or quality, but this is just to give you a glimpse of what we can create! Having worked with the 2LG’s before, who are two of London’s coolest interior designers, we knew that something incredibly cool would be the result of this collaboration.

Beautiful white cabinetry shows off the incredible new handle that we created for this kitchen, and really helps to demonstrate the different angles and elements that this compact kitchen offers. The white colour also balances beautifully with the brass legs, ensuring that they are an eye catching feature. The new style handle that we have created for this kitchen is the ladbroke handle reinvented, with two semi-circles joining together to make this beautiful detail. Still incredibly sleek and beautifully contemporary, we think this is a style that we’re going to be seeing a lot in the near future.

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Check out our social media pages- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram– for more information and images, and the Ideal Home Show’s website for more information on the the actual show.