The Garden Pod Kitchen- Cool, Contemporary and Insanely Sleek

There is no doubt that the 2LG’s are some of the coolest interior designers around at the moment. Appearing on numerous TV ad’s, designing the Garden Pod at the Ideal Home Show, and even currently designing their own wallpaper range with Graham and Brown!

We have worked with the 2LG’s in the past on a residential project in Kew. We created an incredible pastel blue kitchen with them in the Ladbroke style, which is absolutely beautiful. So, when we were contacted about the potential of working with them again and designing a kitchen for one of the show homes at the Ideal Home Show in London, there was no doubt that we would say yes! It was a very easy process to create this kitchen with the 2LG’s, as we discussed ideas, colours and styles until a design was created and then simply placed into production almost immediately!

We knew that the Garden Pod being created was going to be a compact space, with a minimalist vibe but still packing a serious punch design wise. With copper cladding on one side of the outside of the pod, the impact of the space was immediate. The kitchen design was sleek and minimal, with gold metallic accents chosen to really stand out. The Wimbourne White cabinetry with the sleek handle detail beautifully balances with the brighter metal accents, and really helps the accessories to add a ‘pop’ of colour wherever they are placed.

The brand new handle style we designed with the 2LG’s is an innovative new version of our incredible Ladbroke style. We wanted to create something new and exciting for the show, to demonstrate to visitors how Naked Kitchens are leading the way with design. We can create anything bespoke, and are always trying to push the limits of design with our products.

One particular element we absolutely love within this kitchen design is the beautiful brass legs we created for the two base units within the kitchen. The white curve of the island contrasts beautifully with the industrial style metal legs, creating an incredible scandi vibe that is still insanely popular in interiors. This is a clever way to add colour into this minimalist kitchen, without going over the top and ensures nothing looks ostentatious or out of place.

This kitchen is the start of many new designs for us. We want to continue to make kitchens that break the boundaries of ‘normal’ kitchen design. We want people to be able to have kitchens in their home that show off their personality and are unlike anything else on the market. With the technology and creativity within our workshop and design team, there is not much we aren’t able to create now, and hopefully you’ll be seeing lots of new exciting designs within our portfolio soon!

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