Dark and Moody- Our latest colour obsessions

At Naked Kitchens we love to experiment with different colours and tones whenever we’re creating new kitchens. Bright, bold’s, pastels and incredible neutrals- we can create a kitchen to suit whatever your style.

However, recently we’ve found some incredible colour combinations that, despite not being bright or a revolutionary have really caused a stir here. The beautiful, soft Dolphin paint colour formed the basis of this mood board, as it’s grey with beautiful blue undertones, that evokes a sense of relaxation and instant calmness. We think that combining this with the classic Charcoal as an accent colour creates the most beautifully soft, yet intense combination.

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We think that these colours will really shine on a contemporary, sleek smooth kitchen. The colours look beautiful on slab kitchens, and would work incredibly well on a ladbroke door style with a walnut handle backing. There’s something about the richness of this timber that works so well with these colours and makes such an intense statement.

As a general thought process when designing kitchens is to incorporate some form of metal into the design if we know it will work well. With this particular creation we absolutely love the look of brass as the metal accent, as it is bold but also subtle enough that it doesn’t over power in any way. These particular handles are from Crofts, and really help to tie the whole look together.

As walnut is such an intense, beautiful timber, adding it to this colour combination just adds to the incredible richness that has been created! We particularly love using walnut in our kitchen designs, as so many people think it is a timber that should be used in traditional designs only, but we have brought it to life in some of our most contemporary designs. Our Ladbroke kitchen design is example of this, with a beautiful brass splashback, intense green colouring and walnut worktop.

By bringing in the little plant adds life to the design and reminds you of how just adding a pop of colour, however subtle, can really bring a design to life. The beautiful mustard linen provides some warmth to the whole design and beautifully complements all of the tones in this design, bouncing off the metallic elements. The incredible pottery by Canvas Home complements this design beautifully, as the matte charcoal base of the pottery really helps the gold colour to pop even more.

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