Houzz 2018 Kitchen Trends UK

As a professional in the kitchen industry, we are always aiming to widen our audience and one of the ways in which we do this is through the platform Houzz.

Being a part of Houzz also provides the opportunity to be involved in different webinars which have many different topics, including trends and ways to improve your Houzz profile. The most recent webinar that we attended outlined all of the trends that Houzz have predicted for Kitchens in 2018. We thought it would be interesting to let you know what these trends are, and our interpretation of them!

The first main trend highlighted was white kitchens. People are looking for fresh, open spaces and having everything white is a very easy way to do that. White is a colour that evokes an immediate sense of cleanliness, a quality that everyone wants in the hub of their home.
We think that white kitchens are an incredible option. With many people choosing open plan living for their kitchen, by keeping the room as light as possible will make the space feel even more open and large, which is a quality that many people are looking for. We particularly love the Kensington Kitchen we created with 2LG’s, which is finished in Wimbourne White by Farrow and Ball.

Photography- Megan Taylor, Styling- 2LG Studio.

The second trend discussed was luxury appliances in the kitchen. Often people are spending a lot more on the appliances they purchase for their kitchen, as they are looking for function as well as appearance from this element of their room. With this comes the debate of whether to integrate appliances or keep them freestanding. If a customer is looking for a more minimalist room we would always recommend to integrate appliances, as it keeps the room looking sleeker and more streamlined, and freestanding appliances can give the room a much more country look.

Open Plan Living is a major trend within the kitchen market in 2018. People are really enjoying staying in this year and entertaining friends and family at home. Open plan kitchens are making this a much easier task, as people are able to cook and relax at the same time, meaning nobody ever feels secluded or ‘stuck in the kitchen’ when they’re preparing food or drinks for their guests.

Adapting to the Future was the last trend mentioned within the webinar. This trend involves picking new and adaptive technologies for your kitchen that will help ensure your kitchen is functional without the appearance being affected.
People are looking to start building for their future now, and by installing an island into your kitchen design is one way to do this, as it will ensure that however much your family grows, your kitchen will be able to cope with this. It’s the perfect area for highchairs to be seated around, as well as being a place for easy feeding and to keep an eye on them when they get older, whilst still being able to complete other tasks in the kitchen.

A BORA extraction fan is one particular technological advance that we love. Smooth and sleek but still incredibly powerful, the down-draft extraction fan is perfect for removing cooking smells from the room whilst not impacting the look of your kitchen. We’ve actually installed this appliance into our showroom in the Hampton Court island, where we will be doing live demonstrations to show how the extractor and hob work within a kitchen.

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