The Long Acre Kitchen

We’ve been lucky enough to visit some of our customers beautiful homes recently to take photos of their incredible kitchens. Most recently, we visited a stunning property here in Norfolk to take photos of the absolutely stunning kitchen that we designed for them!

When we got to the property, we immediately knew this was going to be stunning shoot. A fabulous building with heaps of character, large rooms and beautiful architecture- the perfect scenery for our shoot!

This kitchen is a beautiful version of our original Ladbroke kitchen. Using the cool ladbroke handle, and the inspiration of the green colour palette and walnut timber to create a chic, welcoming kitchen. The incredible mid azure green combines beautifully with the wash of pink on the walls, creating a calm and welcoming kitchen, with walnut adding a sophisticated elegance to the room.

The jewel green used is such an intense colour, but is softened by the walnut timber and pared down when combined with the wash of pink on the walls. The traditional setting is juxtaposed by the chic, contemporary design, but nothing feels off balance within the room.

A beautiful bespoke, hand aged brass splashback is the perfect eye catching feature for this room. A bright, bold statement running the entire length of the cabinetry adding to the grandeur of the kitchen, and matching perfectly with the bright brass handles and taps. The splashback is an incredible feature amongst all of the art on this wall, drawing the eye to discover the amazing art pieces on display.

Adding a bright red AGA adds a quirky colourful twist to the room, adding another focal point within the green cabinetry. The AGA also draws attention to the incredible hand painted antique glass splashback. A bespoke piece crafted for the owners- this splashback bounces light around the room and is a beautiful backdrop for this part of the kitchen.

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