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How To Design A Grand Kitchen

Here at Naked Kitchens, we love to design different styles of kitchens for our clients. We love all styles of kitchen, from compact to open plan large rooms, contemporary to very traditional and everything in between! Recently, we photographed an incredible kitchen which had a very grand feeling to it, and we wanted to celebrate this by giving a few design tips on how to recreate your own grand kitchen.

The first step we recommend is to incorporate an island into your kitchen design. Whenever we are designing kitchens for customers who want that more grand look, we find that an island is always a crucial element of their requirements. An island is such a versatile element of a kitchen, as it can be used a preparation area, technology can be easily installed into it, seating can be added and it can be used as a gathering point for family and friends when you’re hosting events!

Marble is such a beautiful material to use in a kitchen, as it has such a luxurious feel and instantly makes a room feel more grand. We think that marble gives an exclusivity to a kitchen, which is a look that so many people strive for within their homes. Marble is also such a versatile material, as it can be used in many different ways, such as island tops, work surfaces and it also looks incredible as a splashback too! Any form of natural (or composite replica) stone adds such a beautiful element to the room and helps to break up what would otherwise be a very timber heavy room.

By using exposed timber within your kitchen, it adds an element of natural beauty to your kitchen. Grand kitchens are not necessarily ostentatious, they are just usually of a larger size and make use of very luxurious materials. Exposed timber is a style that makes a room look more expensive and exclusive, as every piece of timber is so unique, giving your kitchen such a bespoke look and feel. Whilst walnut timber gives a very rich, intense feel, we think oak can look just as luxurious and love to see kitchens with an element of these timbers. One particular way to ensure your exposed timber is completely unique is to have continuous grain running through your doors. This ensures that every door is linked and follows on to the next, and adds such a beautiful unique look to your kitchen!

Having what would be considered luxury appliances, is another method of adding a grand feeling to your kitchen. We’ve actually spoken to some experts at Britannia Living about this, who provided us with this quote with their tips on how to design a grand kitchen:
The range/ AGA cooker is the must-have centrepiece in a grand kitchen. These large appliances ooze luxury and are a pleasure to cook with, too. Make a real statement by choosing an eye-catching colour like bright red or opulent purple, and carry this accent colour throughout your design. Complete the set-up with a stylish designer cooker hood with built-in lighting.

You could also go big with your fridge-freezer, ideally with an American-style side-by-side design. Avoid the standard white: either match your range cooker, or go for a luxe black or metallic finish. 

Other large appliances rarely have the same aesthetic appeal, so it’s best to go for integrated designs that sit behind matching cabinet doors. This will help to create an uncluttered look and keep the focus where you want it. The only exception is the wine cooler, which should put your collection on display.

Alexandra Davies at Britannia Living

However you want your kitchen to look, Naked Kitchens will create your dream kitchen, ensuring that your kitchen is absolutely perfect for you and your home. Check out our Instagram for more images of our beautiful designs, and get in contact today if you want to find out more about our incredible kitchens!

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