The Swan Project

The Swan project is a youth opportunities project, that is based in Norfolk. The Swan Centre is their base, and is located in the town of Downham Market. Meticulously working to provide new exciting opportunities for the youth of Norfolk, The Swan project are always looking to try and improve the quality of the lives of young people in the area.

The Swan centre is a space that aims to offer open access, positive activities and support to young people within West Norfolk from the age of 8 to 24, in an area that falls within the top 30% of most deprived neighbourhoods in the country. They aim to offer a space that all users can feel proud of and also take ownership of and were looking to make some improvements to their space for the 11+ age group.

However, the centre that they are based in was not really fit for purpose as they needed a kitchen area for hot drinks and warming up food. The project contacted Naked Kitchens to see if we would be willing to create a unit for the centre as part of their improvement project. We of course said yes immediately, and created this beautiful Walnut unit for the space. Made from our 80/20 Kitchens range, the unit has an oak effect egger board carcass with walnut effect doors, with a walnut stained worktop!

A very simple yet beautiful cabinet that is perfect for this corner of the room. Incredibly hard-wearing; the egger board provides a strong, stable base for the rough and tumble that is likely to come from a room full of teenagers! We were absolutely delighted to be able to give back to the community in some way, and especially to a project involving helping enrich the lives of children within our local area.

Combining the walnut cabinet with a yellow and grey theme creates a cool, contemporary room that is perfect space for these growing teenagers. We love how the walnut adds a beautiful rich intensity to this corner of the room.

Check out our sister brand 80/20 Kitchens and the Swan Project for more information.