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Colour Kitchens

Even with summer completely over and the cold winter months settling in, we’re still so obsessed with creating colourful kitchens. The beautiful rich intense colours of our Ladbroke instantly give us all of the autumnal feels, with dark forest greens and rich walnut timber creating a beautiful cosy feeling.

However, it’s not just darker colour palettes that we’re loving at the moment, as we’ve recently designed some absolutely incredible bright, colourful kitchens. Instinctively, we’d normally gravitate to the darker colours on the spectrum to make the room feel warm and cosy, however recently the colours we have been loving have been the opposite of this.

The first project that we recently completed is the Albert Bridge Kitchen. Compact and cute, we decided to use an unusual kitchen colour combination of pastel pink and purple. These are colours you would usually see in a bedroom or a room for relaxing. We wanted to ensure that the kitchen is the room that you are most looking forward to coming home to. Lighting is kept warm but minimal, to ensure that the kitchen feels beautifully cosy and comfortable.

The latest project we’ve designed and added to our showroom is the Tower Bridge Kitchen. An insanely cool, retro inspired colourful kitchen. Despite the summer colours, this kitchen could work all year round, as it instantly brightens up a room without ever feeling too overpowering. The beautiful bright blue gives a gorgeous Icelandic feel to the kitchen, which is still comforting, especially when combined with the incredible ply panelling on the wall. A white, smooth finish set of doors is the perfect backdrop behind these stunning Arsenic blue fronts. By keeping accessories sleek and chrome, this allows the colours to really stand out, whilst being beautifully in-keeping with the Scandi vibes.

Finally and potentially our new favourite (although we could never pick just one!) is the Pelham Kitchen. An absolutely insanely cool combination of intense mustard yellow and rich blue creates this modern, chic kitchen design. Initially, we’d never have put Inchyra Blue and India Yellow together, however we took a risk and it certainly paid off! This combination creates such a warm, inviting feel within the kitchen that is perfect for the heart of your home. The interesting splashback of Bert and May tiles adds a beautiful eye catching feature, that doesn’t overpower the cabinetry and really allows the incredible yellow to stand out. We’ve paired this kitchen with stunning brass accessories that perfectly complement the colouring used.

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