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Kitchen Trends and Colours

Every couple of months there is definitely a shift within home interior trends. Preferences start to change and you can see when people start to move on. Often, this is simply colour palettes changing with the seasons, or impractical trends slowly becoming less popular.

One of the first trends we’ve noticed emerging is the introduction of much warmer colour palettes into the kitchen. Whilst bright bold colours have been popular throughout the spring summer time, it is clear that as we are now transitioning into the autumn winter trends, people are looking for the richer warmer tones for their room. We’re loving seeing beautiful rusty colours, deeper blues, azure greens and even mustard yellows making their way into the kitchen. These colours look even more beautiful with oak and walnut timber creating an intensely beautiful room. We even love the tones of mustard so much that we’ve created our own showroom kitchen in this colour! Combining this colour with Inchyra blue and walnut timber has created a kitchen that is so inviting and looks almost retro with its colour palette choices. We’re loving seeing these natural colours in the kitchen and can’t wait to see more beautiful designs!

Another shift that we have seen is the movement away from open plan rooms. Whilst people are still keeping the structure of their room as open plan, there is no doubt that people are starting to reintroduce zoning- aka- broken plan rooms- back into their homes. People are now finding that open plan is not quite as practical as they may have envisioned, and therefore need that comfort of having certain areas designated for different tasks. By keeping the original layout of open plan but adding in clear zones, it helps to ensure everything has a purpose, and nowhere feels like wasted space.

Whilst warmer, rich colours are definitely inviting their way into the home, it is still very clear that Scandi rules the interior trends. As the minimalist trend thrives on this Scandinavian style, the use of plainer, higher quality materials has also had a revamp. One particular material that we have always advocated and we actually use as the base for every single carcass of a Naked Kitchen is plywood. An incredibly versatile, strong timber that not only is the perfect carcass material, but also has a beautiful plain minimalist feel that is just perfect for the Scandinavian trend. We’re seeing many more kitchen companies that are really investing in this trend, creating entire kitchens from this material. Our latest brand that we have developed actually does just this. Pure Scandi manufactures incredible plywood fronts in Ikea sizes, enabling people to have beautiful bespoke doors on budget carcasses. Inspired by Scandinavian trends and using beautiful materials, Pure Scandi is the perfect way to get that minimalist kitchen.

Grand designs is one of the trends that we’re really starting to see gain traction in the interior world. The complete opposite to the scandinavian trend, grand designs see’s incredibly elaborate kitchens and a very intricate level of detail. More luxurious materials like marble and timbers are being used within these kitchens to create that incredible grandeur. By having bespoke details like special skirting details and integrated butler trays like the Chester Row Kitchen, it creates such an intensity that is just so eye catching.

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