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Why Green is Great In The Kitchen

Green is a colour that has been used in interiors for such a long time now. However, it’s only quite recently that we’re starting to see this translated into kitchen decor. From intense dark forest greens to the softest mint green colour, green is back in the kitchen, and in a big way.

We’ve always loved how the colour green looks in a kitchen. One of our first contemporary designs- the Ladbroke Kitchen is a beautiful example of how dark green can make a kitchen look so inviting and warm. By using this dark green with a beautiful rich timber like walnut, it creates an incredible feeling of warmth that envelopes you in as soon as you enter the room. We particularly love how this colour looks with the bright brass splashback in this kitchen design, as the combination of metal and bold green really pops.

However, green doesn’t have to be dark to make an impact. By pairing a bright, light green with lots of timber it creates a beautiful scandinavian feel to the room. This pairing works so well in the lighter summer months, as the sunshine bounces off the bright colours. However, because of the large amount of timber in the room it feels incredibly warm and inviting even in the winter months of the year. By keeping the room bright and light, it is a safe haven to come home too after being out in the winter weather.

We love when green is combined with other colours too. This incredible Mid Azure Green is such a rich intense colour, but when combined with the beautiful pink wash on the walls, it has a beautiful calming effect on the room. By adding in bright accessories like this bespoke brass splashback and matching taps, this helps to elevate the design and really help the colours to pop.

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