Winter Perfect

It’s safe to say that we’re already feeling the cold here in England. With the temperatures now in the single figures and the snow sign popping up on the dashboard, we’re craving coming home to a warm cosy house, and there’s one room in particular that we know we’re probably going to spend more time in than any other- the kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and during winter this is the time that we want it to feel the most cosy and inviting it possibly can be. Whether this is a complete renovation before the cold weather hits, or just an update in time for Christmas, we have some tips to making your kitchen perfect for winter.

Colour- Whilst instinctively we turn to the darker colours during the colder months, darker colours are not the only option for making your kitchen winter perfect. We actually love brighter, bold colours during the winter months too, and we’ve actually recently created so many kitchens of this type. Having a more colourful kitchen is a brilliant way to brighten up your home. By having a room that is fresh and exciting, it really makes you want to come home.

Texture- Different textures are a brilliant way to make your room perfect for the winter months. By using timbers within your kitchen alongside the bright colours it helps to make everything feel comfortable and inviting, with the different timbers giving out a natural warmth within the room. We particularly love the look of exposed ply within a kitchen, as you can see the different layers of the ply which just looks so cool. A timber worktop is another great way to add warmth and texture into a room which is just perfect for these colder months.

Styling- Another great way to make your home perfect for the winter is to change up the style of the room. With our sister company Naked Doors- you can keep your original kitchen carcasses, and simply update them with new bespoke fronts. This means that you can start out with a shaker kitchen, and very easily transform it into a modern kitchen with minimal hassle or disruption.

Islands- Winter is a time for spending time with your loved ones, especially with the festive season usually in the full swing, so we recommend making as much space in your kitchen as possible. Having designated areas for prepping, cooking and socialising will help keep your room as free from chaos as possible. An island is a great way to help zone your kitchen, and we particularly love this one in our Chester Row Kitchen.

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