Five Kitchen Trends in 2019

2018 has been a year of many different trends for interiors. We’ve seen colours dramatically change direction, different textures come into play and timber really taking the centre stage in kitchens, and a lot of these trends are likely to continue into 2019. We think there are a lot of new trends that will emerge in 2019 and we can’t wait to see them!

Year of the Honey- 2018 saw Dulux announce their colour of the year as Spiced Honey. Although slightly slow on the uptake this year, we do think that 2019 will be the year that we see this colour everywhere. Beautifully warm and comforting, this neutral colour is the perfect canvas for a kitchen. We also think that combining this colour with a brighter pop of colour, like Pantone’s Living Coral (colour of the year 2019) will create the most wonderful combination.

Multi-Functioning Rooms 2019 is definitely going to be the year of kitchens being more than just a kitchen in a house. Whilst a lot of rooms are open plan now, we’re also seeing rooms becoming a kitchen/ dining room/ living room. Kitchens are the fully fledged heart of the home, and people are spending more and more social time in these rooms, as well as using them as a functioning kitchen. By introducing islands where everybody can gather and interact, as well as seating areas like sofas and chairs. This creates an area for down time, which wouldn’t normally be associated with a kitchen and creates a much more relaxing feel in this room. We’re seeing many people design their kitchens with a much smaller amount of cabinetry and larger, more statement islands to allow for this trend, and incorporate their kitchen into a room that has so many other purposes too.

Exposed Timber– Timber is a material that has always been a favourite to use in kitchens. We’ve always used Birch ply for our carcasses material, and a combination of solid oak and other timbers for our doors, so timber is a material that we always champion. However, we’re starting to see many of our clients choosing to showcase these materials a lot more within their homes. Many clients are choosing to have a kitchen with exposed timber fronts. Traditional materials that are often overlooked are now becoming the main feature in many peoples homes. We particularly love the look of dark, sophisticated walnut or a beautiful white washed oak. We think this is something that you will see a lot more of in 2019, and frankly we love it!

Bright Colours- As well as neutrals reigning in kitchen colour palettes in 2019, we do think that we will see some beautiful bright colours creep in to play in the year too. People are definitely starting to experiment more and more with colour in the kitchen, especially more compact of rooms as they are making much more of a statement with their cabinetry. With the rise of timbers within kitchens, it doesn’t feel overpowering if people use a much bolder colour, as the natural timber helps to balance the room completely.

Islands- A trend that keeps on coming back- kitchen islands. Even in the most compact of kitchens, people are still choosing to have a kitchen island, because it is such a staple part of a kitchen design. Islands are not only practical, as they can be used as preparation and cooking areas, have integrated storage as well as being the perfect place for gathering around and socialising with friends and family. Providing your room space is appropriate for an island, then we would always recommend introducing one into your kitchen design.

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