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Heathwood Gardens

Traditional shaker kitchens is something we have always been famous for here at Naked Kitchens. It’s what we started our design journey with, and whilst we have created some incredible designs that are more contemporary and unique, we’ve never forgotten about the ever-beautiful, classic shaker.

A design choice that so many are still making for their kitchen, the shaker style can work beautifully in both traditional homes as well as the more modern. The Heathwood Gardens kitchen is a stunning design that uses classic colours, tall cabinetry and glazed units to create an eye catching room. Having such high ceilings and a large glass window in the ceiling is perfect for filling the room with light.

By adding lots of timber into the room it keeps the feeling calm and comforting, with hints at modern interior trends. A beautiful scandinavian vibe is created with the mixture of textures and materials, that feels perfect for this modern take on a traditional kitchen design. Mixed with cool muted colours throughout the room keeps the ambience warm and homely without the need for lots of ornamentation.

The utility storage was perfect, everything hidden away behind shaker cupboards, leaving the surfaces clear and free from kitchen clutter. Shaker frugality is definitely something we could all incorporate into our homes a little more, as sometimes less really is more, as seen in this incredible kitchen.

Photography by Anna Stathaki
Interior Design by Hannah Gooch 

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