Sustainable Kitchens

When designing a sustainable kitchen, there are many important choices to be made which can sometimes be daunting and confusing. It can be hard to distinguish which companies are genuinely sustainable and those who just use this message as a sales tactic. Here at Naked Kitchens, we pride ourselves on truly sustainable sourcing, manufacturing and design, and building high-quality kitchens that will last a lifetime.


We make sure that all the materials we use in our kitchen projects are environmentally friendly. Our timber is sustainably sourced and FSC certified, ensuring that everything we create is eco-friendly. We build all our products right here onsite at our Norfolk showroom. Transforming our FSC hardwood into stunning kitchens and worktops. This is where we differ from many kitchen suppliers who may source cabinetry that is produced thousands of miles away overseas and shipped to their warehouse to sell as their own – negatively impacting the environment and overall quality.

Many clients choose Naked Kitchens for our sustainable, incredible quality timber as they want their kitchen to be as ‘green’ as their other lifestyle choices. If clients envision a specific material in their design due to its sustainable properties, we will always try to facilitate this; for example, we have previously worked on projects using low formaldehyde plywood and VOC-free materials.

The Brancaster Marshes Kitchen


Before starting to manufacture each of our kitchens, we map all the carcass panels onto our large sheets of hardwood. These are then precision-cut by our state-of-the-art CNC machines. This makes sure we can cut as many pieces as possible from one piece of wood and minimise wastage. Then, any small bits of wood leftover are used in our biomass boiler to heat our workshop, offices and showroom. Finally, any sawdust produced by our machines is removed by our extraction systems and carried across our workshops to be compacted on-site and turned into briquettes that can be used in our clients’ wood burners. This means our overall wastage is less than 5% – something we are particularly proud of.

Click on the image to order some of our Norfolk Oak Briquettes!

Sustainable Design:

However, sustainability in our manufacturing is not where it ends. Even when designing a kitchen, seemingly small decisions can make a big impact to the overall sustainability of the space. In 2019, there has been a rise in the popularity of biophillic interior designs. These aim to showcase natural materials in a room such as exposed wood and stone, whilst primarily using sustainable materials. The use of exposed wood cabinetry, worktops or even flooring can be the perfect way to show off the raw beauty and properties of this amazing material.

The Stanhoe Kitchen

Naked Kitchens uses water-based, eco-friendly paints and lacquers on all our kitchen components. We can also provide unfinished doors for our customers to paint themselves if preferred. Our spray lines use a unique water filtration system. This recycles unused paint and eliminates paint particles from potentially entering the air.

However, it is not just the cabinetry itself that can be sustainable. We often see clients using salvaged materials within the room. For example we worked with a client who created fantastic, unique floorboards from a reclaimed gymnasium floor.

The Redhill Kitchen

We hope this blog post has given you a broad insight into Naked Kitchens’ passion for sustainable kitchens, if you would like to arrange a visit to our showroom and workshop to see all this for yourself, please call us on 01328 838 854 or email and we will be happy to arrange an appointment to show you around.

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