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Naked Doors: the kitchen edit

Experts in our field, we can make your kitchen dreams come true! Whatever your taste, colour or style preferences, our array of versatile products can transform your space and provide you with a truly unique kitchen.



Naked Doors provides the perfect solution to easily updating and injecting a new lease of life into your kitchen space. A defining aspect, doors and drawers make up a large part of a kitchen and just changing those can make a big difference. Naked Doors can be made to any custom size and be put onto any existing or new cabinetry.


Timeless styles

Every door we make is completely bespoke and the style of door chosen can determine many aspects of your kitchen’s design. More and more often, people are being bold and going for a combination of different door styles within their kitchens.

MIX & MATCH – The Cranbrook kitchen

Beautifully traditional in design, Shaker doors work well within most spaces and as part of both classic and contemporary kitchens. Incorporate some glazed cabinets to display your glassware and crockery. Slab doors provide the perfect blank canvas – jazz up with custom handles or stick with a simple sleek finish.

The V-Groove style – often reserved for end panels – is an incredibly eye-catching and unique design when used on cabinet doors. We love how it gives the kitchen below a coastal-chic Scandi feel.

INDIVIDUAL STYLE – The V-Groove kitchen


Open sesame!

Handles are an integral part to your design and we have a fantastic range of our own to choose from, all of which can be tailored to suit any taste.

A simple circular cut-out, the Ladbroke handle is one of our most popular designs. The Kensington handle is comprised of a semi-circle cut-out and tapered on the inside for comfort. The newest of our handle designs, the Midgard handle is a contemporary rectangular shape with curved corners, placed on the edge of the door. The backing for these three handles can be fully customised with an assortment of materials, including exposed wood, painted and even brass or copper – the choice is yours!

MAKING THE CUT – Ladbroke, Kensington and Midgard handles

Very elegant in design, the J-Groove handle gives the illusion of a handle-less design. A functional and stylish J-shaped curve is built into the door or drawer front. Similarly, the Highgate handle is an almost hidden mitred design, creating our most seamless door style.

SEAMLESS APPROACH – J-Groove and Highgate handles

Carved out of hardwood oak or walnut, our long Bar handles are a simple but glamorous statement piece for any kitchen.

RAISING THE BAR – Our Bar handles


The finishing touch

It’s never been easier to put a unique stamp on your kitchen with our painted doors. Available on smooth or grain-visible designs, we have an eclectic mix of 30 glorious shades. Alternatively, we do offer a colour match service to create a bespoke paint just for your kitchen.

Exposed wood is a very popular finish and really shows off the top-quality of our doors. Our real oak veneer gives an amazing finish that highlights the majestic raw material. Created with the finest black walnut, exposed walnut doors are dark and rich in colour with a stunning grain structure. Exposed birch plywood is an incredibly strong and versatile product that provides a superb natural finish. Limed grain can be used for a unique, awe-inspiring style that combines the beauty of exposed oak with a stunning rustic finish.

ASSORTED FINISHES – The Chester Row kitchen

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