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Sustainable kitchens built to last

Sustainability. A word that we hear used constantly, but what does it actually mean and how should it be considered in the manufacturing industry?

As manufacturers, we ourselves are acutely aware of our environmental responsibility and sustainable accountability in everything that we do. We strive to have a crystal-clear supply chain and use materials with carefully considered credentials, keep our wastage to an absolute minimum, design and manufacturer everything in the UK and ultimately build kitchens that genuinely do last for years to come.


Trustworthy sourcing

Individuals are becoming increasingly mindful of their environmental impact and footprint in the goods and services they choose – something that doesn’t stop at renovations in the home.

We consider our supply chain from a holistic approach, ensuring that the materials we use in our projects are environmentally friendly and have a record of their origin through to the point at which they are delivered to us.

Our timber is sustainably sourced and FSC certified, making sure that everything that we create meets not only our own, but also our client’s high eco-conscious standards.


More than just colour

As well as providing the perfect finish, our paints and lacquers are water-based and eco-friendly. Producing extremely low VOC emissions and created with respect to the environment, the paint we use also guarantees the utmost quality, protecting kitchens from the everyday wear-and-tear. For the same high-quality results, we use 20% less product than traditional solvent-based paints.


What’s more, our spray lines use a unique water filtration system in order to recycle any unused paint and eliminate particles from potentially entering the air. Click here to explore our fantastic paint range.


Winning on waste

Our waste output in total is less than 5%, something that we work incredibly hard to achieve and are immensely proud of.

Ahead of manufacturer, our production team optimises every design, mapping out each component onto large sheets of door and cabinetry material to guarantee the maximum possible amount of each sheet can be utilised. This is then precision-cut by our top of the range CNC machines and any small offcuts are burned in specially created biomass boilers to heat our office, showroom and workshop.

As well as this, we compact any sawdust using a state-of-the-art briquetting machine. We only briquette our own sawdust and shavings created as a by-product of the many kitchens we produce each year and this happens onsite, meaning there is no additional environmental impact in taking them to another site for processing. Plus, as burning wood is carbon neutral, the carbon footprint in manufacturing our briquettes is as small as it possibly can be. Purchase our briquettes here.


Proudly British-made

A phrase often over-used due to lack of guidelines and being extremely open to interpretation, at Naked Kitchens we take pride in the fact that all of our products are manufactured and built onsite at our superb Norfolk workshop. Our products truly are ‘Made in Britain’.

Championing British manufacturing, you can be absolutely sure that the kitchens you receive will be of the utmost quality, without the designer price tag. Naked Kitchens really is a one-of-a-kind manufacturer and the shared knowledge and experience of our highly skilled and close-knit team is the epitome of each project we complete.


Standing the test of time

We are based in two huge World War Two hangers which, despite being built more than seventy years ago, are as good today as they were when first built. An inspiration to make things that last, this is exactly what Naked Kitchens is all about.

Much like the current boycott fast fashion and buy for life movements, we are advocates of this notion and committed to creating products that really last a lifetime of use.

TIMELESS DESIGN – The Chepstow Villas kitchen

We are proud to be a company built on an impressive and ethical set of morals and manufacturer in such a way that we create as minimal waste as possible. We are continuously striving to be the best we possibly can be and work as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible.

Click here to explore the Naked Kitchens range and make your sustainable kitchen aspirations come true!