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Introducing our new finish, Brushed Limed Grain Oak

We are excited to announce the launch of a brilliant new cabinetry finish; Brushed Limed Grain Oak. A unique style, the brushed limed grain oak technique enhances the beautiful timber and highlights the fantastic natural grain for a dramatic finish.

Providing a striking and timeless look, brushed limed grain oak brings a contemporary twist on a more traditional oak design. With distinctive results, the process of achieving this brushed limed grain oak is a meticulous one, and something we have been working hard to develop over the past few months to consistently achieve spectacular results.

Brushed Limed Grain Oak by Naked Kitchens

Working with innovative wood coatings supplier Renner, we have been evolving the process for this finishing method. Firstly, oak veneered panels are prepared with a wire brush in order to elevate the grain.

Brushed Limed Grain Oak by Naked Kitchens

Using our phenomenal, state-of-the art sprayline, a clear lacquer is applied and the piece then travels through our high-tech rotary sanding machine. Many individual, fine brushes pass over the panel, set to the ideal strength to achieve the desired surface characteristics.

To attain the spectacular limed grain effect, a white patina is then applied by hand and scrupulously rubbed into the grain to enhance the wonderful natural features of the wood. Next, this is sent back through the sanding brushes to encourage the patina deeper into the grain and remove of any excess from the surface. Finally, a last layer of clear lacquer is applied to seal the process and complete the look of the fronts.

The whole intricate process culminates in this fantastic new brushed limed grain oak, with an end result so spectacular that it is undeniably worth the hard work and time spent to achieve it.

The Glaven Kitchen design

The Glaven kitchen
A brilliant new addition to our showroom, the Glaven kitchen showcases the new brushed limed grain oak finish beautifully.

Offering a magnificently contemporary style, the Glaven kitchen is achieved with a mix of brushed limed grain oak and painted white cabinetry in one of our glorious colours, Seal Pup White.

The Glaven Kitchen

A tall larder unit provides ample storage for ambient ingredients and our distinctive Bar handles are finished in brushed limed grain oak, bringing the design together in its entirety. Reeded glass on the corner wall cabinetry adds another texture to the space and is the perfect place to present glassware and crockery.

The large island brings copious space for storage, preparation and socialising. A brass tap and handles and a white ceramic sink all add to the sleek style of the space.

Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete was selected for the worktops throughout the kitchen. A warm, grey marble style quartz stone, this crisp white concrete effect worktop provides a superb finishing touch.

The Glaven Kitchen

Our new brushed limed grain oak is popular in the J-Groove style doors, and can also be applied to Ladbroke, Midgard and Slab style fronts.

Explore the website to discover more about this superb new finish or order a sample to experience our new finish for yourself!