Kitchen Trends 2022

We know it might seem early to even mention 2022 but, time will fly and here at Naked Kitchens, we are already manufacturing beautiful kitchens for next year!

So, shall we talk about what we think is on trend for the New year because as we all know, what’s in and out of fashion really does come in waves.


Starting with one of the hardest decisions of all, colour! It is such a personal choice and why it takes a long time for customers to choose. Hopefully, with a few of our ideas, we can help you out. 

2022 seems to be trending towards lighter and fresher colours. Crisp white and off whites are definitely on the up. Some great examples of these can be found on our paint palette, such as Seal pup White, Baked Cley, Holkham Frost and Sea Froth. The Camberwell kitchen, below, is a great example of this.

There seems to be fewer blues coming through but, in their place, the greens are making a bid for popularity. Lots of customers like a ‘different’ type of green, such as our Marsh Green or our very popular, Samphire. Often, kitchens are combined with a white or dark green and an element of exposed timber.

Shape and Layout

The shape and layout of the kitchen is hugely important whether you are an avid cook or someone that likes  simple baked beans on toast – It still needs to work and make life as stress free as possible!

Clean lines are in and we can totally understand why. Its stylish and gives a contemporary feel whilst being a simple and eye-catching design. Castle Mews is the perfect example of this.

Islands are at the top of most peoples' want list!  Nearly everyone we talk to wants an island. Whether it be a large island with lots of seating or a smaller one to fill the room. Although, seating seems to be preferable.  An island is something that gives the kitchen a central point and perfect for those special social occasions.

Another layout which is proving to be popular, sometimes with and sometimes without an island is an L shape. This usually contains fewer wall cabinets but uses taller cabinetry and floating shelves. (Again, tying in paint with exposed timbers and clean lines).


As we have already mentioned, timber accents are certainly on the increase. This might be purely for a section of the cabinetry or floating shelves. Even just having a painted kitchen with timber worktops is on the rise. Walnut is a huge contender and certainly favoured. Earth finishes such as our limed grain oak which you would have seen in our new Glaven kitchen have really got customers talking.

So there we have it, the up and coming ingredients to a perfect 2022 kitchen. Be sure to keep an eye out on our Instagram page for new customer images and photoshoots.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about us, then please let us know on 01328 838 854 or email us at  - We are always happy to help!

New in, Brushed Limed Grain Oak!

New in, Brushed Limed Grain Oak!

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