Built For An Artist’s Life - Behind The Scenes

At Naked Kitchens, we believe kitchens are built for life. Whether you're cooking up a feast, having a quiet dinner party or hosting a riotous celebration, our kitchens are built to withstand culinary triumphs and baking disasters. They're the canvas for romance, heartbreak, laughter, tears, chaos, and calm.

We tried to bring this idea to life by taking the idea of a kitchen to the extreme, showing off what we can create as a bespoke kitchen manufacturer and stressing that our kitchens are built for life. That means your life, whether you’re an artist, architect or astrophysicist.

One of the most popular was our artist’s life shot, so we thought we’d unmask how and why we did it with the help of some behind-the-scenes footage! 

The setting from the air - the film sets we built in one of our hangars.

The Inspiration

“Built For An Adventurer’s Life”? “Built For A WFH Life”? “Built For A Cosy Life”? How about creating a kitchen for a super-creative, somebody who lived and breathed art and would surround themselves with their favourite pieces if they could? 

Once that was decided, the next bit came easily. Jamie (Naked Kitchens co-founder) reeled off three names - Mondrian, Pollock & Warhol - and we had to get them into a kitchen from there.

The Execution

Now, the small matter of making it.

We had to build the set before any kitchens could be photographed. Our team can build anything, which certainly doesn’t stop at kitchens. So, we swung them into action building our film sets and within 4 short weeks, we had a kitchen fit for the great masters themselves!  

To create the Mondrian cabinetry, we used the in-frame style, creating the black border that frames the white doors beautifully. To keep the fronts clean of unsightly handles, we used our J-Groove handle, a sleek and modern kitchen style.

Then it was time for Jamie to bring his artistic vision to life with Pollock-inspired doors. We used exactly the same selection of colours used for the ‘Mondrian’ doors. Gradually Jamie layered the colour over 3 days, creating something unique that tied into the rest of the cabinetry.

Day 2 - A new outfit, a new method of flicking paint

The final bit of the job was a trip to a supermarket. Well, three trips to the supermarket…

Even in Norfolk, you can’t just walk into a shop and buy 40 pots of Colman’s mustard. What is the world coming to? 

Once we’d acquired 40 Colman’s Mustards, 20 bottles of ketchup and 32 tins of Campbell’s soup, along with every art supply we could find as a prop, it was time to prep, dress and then shoot!

Jayne, Naked Kitchens co-founder and resident design guru, propping the kitchen
Malcolm Menzies, ready to capture the moment

So, there we have it. Bundles of inspiration, three artistic nods, borrowed art supplies, gallons of paint, 6kg of ketchup, and enough mustard to last us all a lifetime come together in one shot. 

And the point of it all? That Naked Kitchens are built for life. But they’re not built for our lives but for yours - how you use your kitchen (or don’t). That’s the beauty of a bespoke Naked Kitchen.

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Built For The High Life - Behind The Scenes

Built For The High Life - Behind The Scenes

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