The Surrey Malthouse

The Surrey Malthouse is a project that we actually completed back in 2015. This kitchen is one of our larger contemporary kitchens that has some incredibly beautiful and unique design elements. Painted in two different, but incredibly similar shades of dark blue; there is no doubt that this is a statement kitchen. Beautifully framed and softened by Oak accents this blue kitchen remains calm and serene, and the perfect space to spend time in as a family. By incorporating every element except the large stainless steel appliances into a blue colour scheme, it ensures that the senses are not overwhelmed.

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Birdie Fortescue And Naked Kitchens

We always love it when our beautiful kitchens get noticed by people. Whilst we try to share as many images as possible of our kitchens, we are sure that there will still be people who have not seen our kitchens! So when local interiors company Birdie Fortescue contacted us to see if they could use our show room as the backdrop for photos of their spring/summer collection, we didn’t hesitate to say yes, as this is a brilliant way to show off our incredible kitchens through a new channel!

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Naked Kitchens at Christmas

As with most companies, the lead up to Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for us. We always try to ensure that our customers get their kitchens before Christmas, so that they can enjoy this festive period of the year in their new kitchen.

At this time of the year, we love to see how our customers have dressed their kitchens for Christmas as we always think a kitchen looks even more special with some festive decorations! So we asked our customers who have purchased a Naked Kitchen this year, to send us in a few snaps of their room at Christmas so we can share with you our beautiful kitchen designs with a festive twist!

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Colour Series: Pantone Colour Of The Year 2018

We’re kicking off our latest series on the blog, which focuses on the use of colour, and with what is generally considered the biggest announcement in the colour world. This series will focus mainly on colour within the kitchen, but we will also look broadly at the latest trends in colour!

Image result for pantone color of the year 2018

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Statement Splashbacks

One design element that we often recommend to our clients here at Naked Kitchens is to have a splashback in the kitchen. Splashbacks can be added as a feature in a beautiful kitchen, or as protection for walls from splashing pots and pans or taps, as they are often easily wipe able and easy to maintain. Some of our favourite kitchen designs we have ever created have splashbacks in them, and each looks completely unique in its own way, with the splashback adding an incredible eye catching feature.

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Inspiration Point: Beautiful Brass

So we’re kicking off our latest series on this blog post with a post all about using brass in your kitchen in the most sophisticated and beautiful way. With a series of ‘mood board’ images, you can see how we would incorporate brass into a kitchen design, and what other colours and timbers we would use to really maximise the statement this metal makes and create a beautiful kitchen. This particular combination was created by the creative director at Naked Kitchens, and is actually part of the inspiration behind one of our new showroom kitchens coming soon!

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Your Own Private Island

Something that most of our clients try to incorporate into their kitchen design, is an island. Whether it be a contemporary kitchen where the island is the main dining area, or a large country kitchen with a bold island design that is perfect for gathering around and socialising with drinks and friends. An island is often an integral part of a kitchen design and can make your room really stand out from the crowd. We’ve got a few favourites that we’ve designed over the years and we’d love to share them with you!

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Battle Of The Blues

As you may already know, colour has made quite a dramatic comeback to the kitchen. Gone are the days of an all white kitchen, and whilst neutral greys are still popular in the classic country kitchen styles, there is one colour that has definitely caught our eye recently and a lot of our clients too- the beautiful blue.
Gone are the days when people can spend an obscene amount on a kitchen, and with houses generally decreasing in size alongside budgets, people are generally investing in smaller kitchens. Those who are looking to invest in a new kitchen are often turning to the calming colour blue, and are choosing Naked Kitchens to create the kitchen for them, as they can get a high end quality kitchen without the high end price tag.

Contemporary Compact Kitchens
Pale pastel blues can look incredible in a smaller space, bouncing light from windows to create the illusion of much more space and keeping the room light and fresh. By choosing such a bright and unusual kitchen colour, the eyes are instantly drawn to the area, and with minimal accessories throughout, there is no distraction from this incredible space.

Design: 2LG
Photography: Megan Taylor

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Shooting the Breeze: Cool New Take on Shaker Classic

It’s early o’clock, dew still on the ground, but Naked Kitchens creative director Jayne Everett and photographer Malcolm Menzies are already hard at work on their photoshoot in deepest Norfolk.  You couldn’t make up a more idyllic setting for someone’s dream country kitchen  –  an old vicarage in the heart of the Broads.

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