Your Own Private Island

Something that most of our clients try to incorporate into their kitchen design, is an island. Whether it be a contemporary kitchen where the island is the main dining area, or a large country kitchen with a bold island design that is perfect for gathering around and socialising with drinks and friends. An island is often an integral part of a kitchen design and can make your room really stand out from the crowd. We've got a few favourites that we've designed over the years and we'd love to share them with you! The Cley Kitchen is one of our beautifully traditional kitchen island designs. Situated in a large country kitchen, the island in this kitchen design is definitely the social point of the room. The perfect area for socialising with friends and drinks, or gathering children for a quick supper. An integrated wine fridge is in the perfect location to make this island incredibly practical, and the end grain work-surface is also incredibly hard wearing. With V-Groove panelling, the island ties the whole open plan room together, helping combine the cooking area with the rest of the kitchen that used dining and relaxing. The Brancaster Marshes is one of our more contemporary kitchens, and the island is a very large feature point within this design. Perfect for family breakfasts or a relaxing cup of tea with friends in the afternoon, the island instantly grabs the eye as well as being incredibly functional too. With beautiful pendant lighting above, V-groove panelling painted to match other cabinetry within the room and exposed Oak work surfaces, and there is no denying the beauty of this island. The Highland Kitchen is one of our more recent designs, and was focused around family living. Working with Kia Designs, the clients wanted a kitchen that would look incredibly beautiful, whilst being completely functional for a life with small children. The island in this kitchen design is truly special, as it has a pop-up extractor and multi-burner hob included. This makes the island a focal point in the room and is the perfect place to serve food quickly, straight from the hob to those sitting at the island. Despite the room being relatively compact, by making the island also have a seating area means no space is lost, and the room doesn't feel as though there is too much cabinetry. Having the island painted in a bold separate colour, contrasts to the white cabinetry in the room and makes a dramatic statement. Finally, the island in the Old Mill kitchen is one of the more functional designs that we have created. With two integrated ovens, an induction hob and seating area, this island really is the perfect addition to a kitchen. The integrated appliances mean there are no bulky elements within the room, and everything looks sleek and sophisticated. By having the island in the middle of the room it allows the person cooking to remain involved with everyone in the room and not feel closed off. As a very clean, simple kitchen design, there are no bold, bright statements being made with this island, but simply functionality and form, showing off the beauty of V-Groove panelling. If you have the space for an island within your kitchen, we would always recommend it, as it's a beautiful area to gather, socialise, dine, drink and do so many things! Feel free to contact us for further details, or check out our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page for more!

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