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Cabinet Overview

With our cutting edge design and manufacturing processes, the days where kitchens had to be rigid in design have gone. Using the finest materials to provide a sturdy foundation, our cabinets can be crafted to any shape or size, offering a versatile amount of options for your kitchen.

bespoke kitchen joiney

The cabinet is a staple storage solution for any kitchen. From a single stand-alone cupboard to filling an entire wall of your kitchen, we manufacture your cabinets to feature innovative and useful ways to store specific items in your kitchen or they can just be a simple, square space for you to make use of in your own way.


The Day We Dropped A Land Rover Onto Our Cabinets…

Our recent ‘strength test’ involving a Land Rover and four of our bespoke cabinets has caused quite a stir on social media over the past week! Looking through the various comments, we saw many funny remarks but also a few raised eyebrows, with some questioning the reasons why we decided to do it. Although it was a serious amount of fun to do, there was an important purpose to it all.

land rover on kitchen cabinets
Buyers Guides

Designing your bespoke kitchen

Our 3D design program has proven to be one of the world’s leading CAD (Computer Aided Design) pieces of software, allowing us to take manufacturing to completely new levels in preciseness, quality, and style. Designing and creating our vast array of products to the accuracy we do is extremely difficult. It takes time, skill and hard work to produce by hand, especially when there is no room for error.

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Welcome To NAKED Kitchens

We at NAKED Kitchens couldn’t be more excited to see our brand new website finally unleashed into the big World Wide Web! For the past 8 months, our IT and Marketing team have worked tirelessly away to create what you see before you. We’ve really gone the whole hog and completely re-thought the structure of our website, making it simpler and easier for you to navigate.

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Our new website will helpfully guide you through the various processes of planning, designing, ordering, and fitting your NAKED kitchen, with handy tips and information that assist you every step of the way.