Ways To Use Walnut In Your Kitchen

A very popular trend that we've been seeing recently is to incorporate some form of walnut timber into kitchen designs. Dark, rich and intense, walnut is such a beautiful material to use in the kitchen. One way to bring walnut into your kitchen design is to combine it with painted cabinetry. By having a mixture of both timber and painted cabinetry it allows these to really connect and create a calm cohesive feel throughout the room. This doesn't apply solely to walnut either, as any form of timber will look beautiful when paired with painted cabinetry. Using walnut as your worktop material is a brilliant option as it adds such rich warmth and intensity to your kitchen. Walnut is an incredibly robust timber to use, and with its intense grain pattern, the timber adds so much interest to your kitchen. By having just your worktop made of walnut, allows it to become the focal point of the room and make much more of a statement. Open shelving is a brilliant way to introduce walnut timber into your kitchen, it adds a beautiful highlight of the timber without ever over-powering your design. Shelving is a clever storage option for kitchens, as it is a way for you to have your favourite items on display and add personality to your room. Accessorise with small highlights of walnut throughout the room to interlace your palette throughout. By adding accessories such as stools or other small items of furniture ensures that the rich intensity of the walnut timber is continued throughout the room. Create a colour scheme using tones that complement the rich walnut timber and then this scheme will pivot around the walnut. For example, using walnut as the material for your island allows it to become the centre piece of your room and have eyes immediately drawn to it. If you want the timber to be the focus of the room, then ensure your colour scheme is muted enough to complement and enhance it. However, you don't just have to stick to only muted colours, as you can use a rich colour palette to balance with the walnut. This won't make the walnut the centre piece of the kitchen design, but it will allow it to create one cohesive look and feel throughout. Check out more of our beautiful kitchens on our Instagram page.

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