We're Feeling Blue

We go through stages of loving different colours for the kitchen, and whilst some colours tend to come in and out of fashion very quickly, there are some colours that will stick around from season to season. We wanted to show our appreciation to a colour that we know will always look good in a kitchen. Blue is a colour that will never go out of fashion for kitchens, and at the moment it's definitely taking the colour crown! Colour is something that is so bespoke to an individual. Everyone views colour differently, so whilst some may find certain colours far too bright and jarring, others may consider them to be almost neutral and the perfect calming colour for their kitchen. Blue is a colour that works so well with any type of kitchen. Be it a navy sophisticated shaker or a bright blue contemporary kitchen, blue is an incredible choice for your kitchen. It can add a beautiful moody tone to your room, or instantly brighten a room up and make it feel open and fresh. There is just something about a baby blue that works so well in a kitchen. When paired with lots of timber and simple accessories this colour adds an incredible scandinavian vibe to a room. The simple design and colour works perfectly with the canopy of this property making it look like it fits perfectly into the original theme. By adding cherry backings into each door, it hints to the 90's heritage of the property and blends beautifully with the baby blue. However, bolder blues look insanely good when paired with brighter accessories. A bold brass splashback adds an incredible eye-catching feature to a kitchen and helps the blue look even brighter and bolder in the room. By then adding in beautiful timber accessories and oak shelving helps to dial down the intensity of the blue and create a kitchen that is perfect for everyday living. Check out our Instagram for more images of our beautiful kitchens!

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