The Naked Kitchens blog is the place where we celebrate all the highs, lows, and beautiful chaos of kitchen life.

Come on in for style ideas, expert guides, lighting, plants, recipes, and plenty besides, all from some truly fabulous and exciting guest authors.

The Japandi style kitchen: what it is, and how to get the look

Nov 30, 2023
Japandi has become an interior design phenomenon – here’s how to achieve that beautiful, balanced style in your kitchen… Read more

Kitchens Unbound: Kitchens from around the world

Nov 23, 2023
More than just places to cook and eat, kitchens also reflect our cultural values and traditions. Join us on a journey around the world! Read more

Kitchens Unpacked: Gustav Klimt, seal pups and endless skies

Nov 09, 2023
What makes a great kitchen colour palette? The inspirations behind Naked Kitchens’ colours can help unlock the mysteries… Read more

Kitchens Unbound: The International Space Station galley kitchen

Nov 02, 2023
How exactly do you store, prepare and eat meals in a weightless environment, 248 miles above the Earth? With a brilliantly clever kitchen of course… Read more

Built For The High Life - Behind The Scenes

Oct 26, 2023
A plane in a kitchen… must be CGI - right? Wrong! Find out how we put an actual plane in a kitchen as we go behind the scenes in our kitchen built for the high life. Read more

Kitchens Unbound: Kitchen appliances through the ages

Oct 19, 2023
Can you imagine a world without your fridge or oven? Here’s the tale of how we went from ice boxes to larders and open flames to microwaves. Read more

Clever bespoke kitchen storage solutions - 11 ingenious ideas to inspire you

Oct 12, 2023
Secret spice racks, built-in wine fridges, drawers that magically arrange your pots and pans for you… here are some of our favourite bespoke storage solutions.. Read more

Kitchens Unpacked: The story of Maldon Salt

Oct 05, 2023
Not all store cupboard essentials are created equal. Here's the story of Maldon Sea Salt, hand harvested on the Essex coast since 1882... Read more

Frameless versus In-frame kitchens: what’s the difference, and which should you choose?

Sep 28, 2023
When choosing your kitchen cabinetry there’s one key style decision to make: frameless or in-frame. Here’s everything you need to know… Read more
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