union-jack Proudly Made in Norfolk

Naked In Frame

We took a "standard" top of the range in frame kitchen and set about setting a new standard. The tiniest elements have been refined and redefined.

naked frame kitchens

Solid Oak doors set in to solid oak frames - just one of the myriad of details that makes us unique.

We call it Naked In Frame as it embodies everything Naked Kitchens stands for. Excellence in materials, design and construction.

Often the smallest details make all the difference; a chamfer on every glued edge, making every join distinctive, feeling the weight of a solid oak door panel door, perfectly swung in a solid oak frame that will outlast all of us. Dovetail joints so perfectly machined they would hold together just as well without glue.

naked in frame island unit

Our cabinet construction is unique, making a cabinet strong enough to hold a land rover. We simply love to make things that last.

From the beginnings of a Naked In Frame kitchen, all manner of details can be woven in. Beading in door and drawer apertures, or perhaps in the door panels themselves. Never forgetting the cabinet itself is a masterclass in materials and construction.

naked in frame cabinet

Naked In Frame is unique to Naked Kitchens - we"re proud to have redefined the entire standard of the in frame kitchen.

2020 home building award 2020 kbb award 2019 KBB award
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