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Order Process


There are two ways to place your order with Naked Kitchens – either by using our Render Service where we work with you to create visuals of your new kitchen, or by going Straight to Order where you know exactly the cabinetry you require.

1. Render Service

If you would like to visualise the cabinetry for your new kitchen, one of our in-house CAD specialists can create renders, elevation plans and 3D mock-ups to enable you to place your order. The render service, which includes four hours of a CAD specialist's time and one-to-one calls with you to discuss your design, costs £500 + VAT, 50% of which will be offset against your order.

Before commencing the service, you are required to provide a room plan with the layout, dimensions, appliances, worktop and your preferred kitchen style. We will produce a line drawing and elevation plans so you can visualise your kitchen. All the cabinetry and accessories used in these documents is available to view on our online library.

Following your review and feedback, all amendments and adjustments will be made and the plans updated. At this stage, we will produce an itemised product list with the cabinets and accessories used in the design of the kitchen. This is also the proforma invoice, ready for you to place your order. If required, an additional proforma invoice will be sent for any bespoke items in the plans.

Please note, as a manufacturer the render software we use is part of our manufacturing process and actually drives our CNC machinery. The renders show precise specification of the cabinetry in terms of sizing. Whilst they do not contain photo realism, they will provide you with a great representation of your new kitchen cabinetry and layout. To see example documents, please click the link below.

2. Straight to Order

Naked Kitchens offers a new and innovative way to purchase a kitchen, allowing you to buy a bespoke kitchen with a few clicks of a button. Where you already have a clear plan designed using our cabinetry specification and know exactly which cabinets you would like to order, you can simply purchase your cabinetry items directly via our online library.

The Straight to Order Process


You will need to draw a cabinetry plan using our size specifications by referring to our cabinetry library and selecting a combination of tall, wall and base cabinets, drawer stacks and appliance housing.

example kitchen plan
Example plan

Compile a quote by making an account on the website and adding items to your basket. Once completed ensure the quote is saved in case you need to update and amend. Please ensure you account for all the additional accessories required to complete your kitchen as per the cabinet and island specification diagrams below and the following checklist:


Firstly, choose Frameless or In Frame


Select the cabinets you require: tall, wall and base cabinets, drawer stacks and appliance housing


Don’t forget products to finish your kitchen, some of which are optional depending on your design: angled filler/filler piece, cornice, end panels, plinth, angled pelmet and corner post


Additional extras, such as spice racks, peg boards, and cutlery and utensil inserts need to be selected as an option for each corresponding cabinet


Where you are using your own sourced appliance, please tick the ‘appliance checking service’ box on your selected appliance housing unit and input your model number if you would like us to check it will fit.


We are more than happy to ‘sense check’ your quote if required to verify that you have the items needed (please note, we cannot check measurements).


Once your order has been placed, we will send you your production list and ask that you carefully check and confirm this prior to it moving into production. From this point your manufacturing lead time will commence and we will issue you with an estimated delivery week.

Creating a quote

Making a Naked Kitchens quote has never been easier:


Click on the product you wish to add to your basket


Scroll down until you see 'Available Options'


Select from our list of standard sizes or choose bespoke to input your exact measurements


Choose the hinge position, cabinet and front finish, handle style and add end panels if required.


If this item is housing an appliance, please tick 'Appliance Service' for us to check if it will fit within the cabinetry.


Where applicable, you can select accessory products for specific pieces of cabinetry (e.g. cutlery and utensil inserts and spice racks).


Once you have confirmed the specification, please click the 'Add to Basket' button.


In order to create a quote, please click the 'Save as Quote' button after adding your items to the basket.

Placing your order video

Editing a quote

As long as you have created an account on our website and saved your basket as a quote, you will be able to log back in and make changes to your quote. We are always more than happy to 'sense check' you quote and are of course always here if you need to ask any questions prior to placing your order. Once your order has been placed, we will write to you requesting that you carefully check and confirm your order, before moving into production.

Editing a quote video

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